15 year old AgustaWestland crash, 2 pilots killed, DGCA team will investigate


Helicopter Crash: A helicopter crashed on Thursday in Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. The pilot and co-pilot aboard have died in the accident. After this there is a wave of mourning in the house of both the pilots. The relatives of Captain AP Srivastava have reached Raipur from Delhi. At the same time, the family of Captain Gopal Krishna Panda is in Raipur. In fact, the state government’s helicopter crashed during the AgustaWestland landing at Raipur airport on Thursday night around 9.10 pm. Both the pilots were doing practicals. Meanwhile, this accident has happened. After this there was chaos at Raipur airport. At the same time, the helicopter turned into a wreck in no time. After this, both the stranded pilots were admitted to a private hospital in Raipur but they died there.


The body of Captain AP Srivastava will be sent to Delhi

The bodies of the pilots were brought to Mekahara Hospital in the presence of police on Friday morning. Where the post-mortem of his dead body is being done. After the post-mortem, the body of Captain AP Srivastava will be sent to Delhi. The last rites will be performed in Delhi this evening. While Captain Gopal Krishna Panda hails from Odisha but his family is here in Raipur. That is why it is believed that his last rites will be performed in Raipur itself.


Raipur IG said no eyewitness to the accident

At the same time, late night, the staff of police officers kept circling from the airport to Ramakrishna Hospital. During this, Raipur IG OP Pal told in a conversation with the media that night flying practice was going on on Thursday night from state chauper AgustaWestland. DGCA trainer AP Srivastava and state pilot Captain Gopal Panda were on board the helicopter. Both the pilots have died in the helicopter crash. At the same time, he said about the helicopter crash that there is no eyewitness to how the incident happened. In this, the DGCA team will investigate, only then all the things will be revealed.


DGCA team to trace helicopter crash

The black box has been recovered from the wreckage of the helicopter at Raipur airport. It will be known what happened between the pilots before the crash. At the same time, the DGCA team is reaching Raipur from Delhi. Helicopter crash will be investigated. At the same time, it has been said from the state government that initially a technical fault has been told behind the accident. To find out the exact cause of the accident, a detailed technical investigation will be done on the orders of DGCA and the state government.

AgustaWestland Helicopter is 15 years old

Significantly, the AgustaWestland helicopter was bought in 2007 under the then BJP government. The 15-year-old helicopter was constantly seeking maintenance. In 2021, when Health Minister TS Singh Deo was on this helicopter, suddenly the glass of the helicopter was cracked. Let us tell you that in this former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel have traveled by air. This helicopter was also being used on the Chief Minister’s meeting program which started from May 4. Although the chief minister was touring in a hired helicopter, AgustaWestland had officials on board.

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