As we are aware of the present scenario of the whole world. Yes you  have predicted very rightly , I am talking about the huge pandemic , COVID-19. Just because of this we are forced to get trapped in our homes.

At present all the schools ,colleges and offices are closed, and we are at a stage of working from home ,studying from home, and many more. Schools, and many institutions are taking online classes, official meeting are being held online so they have to give their best to the students in explaining any thing and official employees also need a medium to present their viewpoints.They have to apply their full potential in explaining or putting their views or topics because now the process is online, not a face to face phenomenon.

For these all you need a surface , if taking it in a simple way you need a board (a white board) in which you can represent your presentation. Teachers have to come up with an idea to make their students feel like a classroom where a board is there which plays a very important part in  teaching the students.

Are you in a need of an Infrared white board?

If Yes , then here’s a great deal for you which is presented to you by BRIO INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. Yes , your need has now reached at a stage of fulfillment. The manufacturers launched a very efficient and a pocket friendly gadget.


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Will it solve your problem?

I think that now it is definitely done. Now you can present  your viewpoints ,also teachers can explain the topics to their students very conveniently. And I am definitely sure that you will feel comfortable  while using it.

You will surely feel happy by its awesome and perfect specification.

Why brio touch white board?

This is a kind of board in which user will have fun while using it. The manufacturers have made  an exciting gadget which you will love a lot.

As it is clear from the name itself which includes a term brio touch which means a very quick and sudden touch. Some boards creates problems as the touch does’nt work properly, the surface of the board get rough and many more.

But,  Brio Touch White Board solved the problem, With its awesome touch functionality it also has a robust surface.

Do you know what a Robust Surface means?

Taguchi method , sometimes known as Robust method, is the method used by the manufacturer to improve the quality of manufactured goods. And this white board has passed this Robust method to gain a robust surface.

So , Robust surface means a very hard, strong and healthy surface, which is present in this white board.

Here is a list of some advantages of this product:

  • Easy and on site installation.
  • It is a fire proof gadget.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Hard and smooth surface of the board.
  • Quick touch.
  • Aspect ratio of the board- 3:4 (85.5 inches)

Now, let’s talk about from what kinds of material it is made?

It is made up of a very fine and a very strong material known as ceramic. Many of you are aware of ceramic , and some may be not.

What is Ceramic??

Ceramic is a solid material comprises of inorganic compound of metals , metalloid and non metals.

Ceramics are glazed and fired to make smooth and coloured surfaces.

Its benefits:

  • Resistant to high temperature , heat and pressure.
  • This material is extremely rigid.
  • Excellent electrical insulator.
  • Relatively light weight material.
  • Less frictional material which provides a smooth texture.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Does not get stains.
  • Interactive software display

With these advantages ceramic has became a “super material” for the modern technology.

And Brio Touch white board has used this material and this makes it an efficient gadget.

There is one more feature of this gadget that it allows very less reflection, so that people can understand the presentation easily.

Will this gadget work??

Yes, of course this will help you a lot. Many feed backs are there to prove that this is the best white board ever.

How to install this white board?

Here are some installation steps:

  • Unbox and empty the components of the box.
  • Level the steel tubes in addition with marking the drill points.
  • Drill at the marked points, and install the horizontal tube in its place.
  • Fix the interactive white board, by fixing the lower screws.
  • Connect it with your PC and your interactive white board is ready to use.

Now, here a question arises, that what are the key points in favour of this gadget?

So, here are some of its boon (advantages):

  • It helps in enhancing the learning ability of the students

 It is observed that many students find it boring while studying in a normal way by the normal board and chalk. But this interactive white board helps students to study virtually. Teachers can explain their topics by showing videos, virtual images, etc. Students will enjoy learning.

  • It increases members engagement  in a meeting

 At present maximum official meetings are done by video conferencing and the employees have to show their presentation perfectly, so it helps a lot to represent the presentation more elaborately.

  • The awesome touch technology

While using the interactive white board you don’t need any pen, pencil, Mouse or locator, you can just note any point by using your fingers. You can save the data by simply clicking the option by your fingers itself.It is a very convenient way.

  • Enhances collaboration

 Explaining something anything is a process of    feeding information to a group of individual. So some may have the problem to understand the ongoing topic. But interactive white board helps to cover every topics in very depth and makes the things easier to understand.

  • Storage facility

You can even store the data which you are explaining. This interactive white board contains a brilliant feature of storing every thing you are explaining.


 At last , the whole perception of this article is that if you are in a need of this type of gadget then, I can surely suggest you Brio Touch Infrared Interactive white board. It perfectly stands in all the aspects that are essential in a perfect interactive white board. It is also in the list of world’s best seller rank. Convenient to use, best specifications, If you will purchase this you will never regret. Brio Technology always use best quality products in the manufacturing of any gadget.


Is Brio touch Infrared interactive white board reliable?

Yes , definitely it is reliable. You will love all of its features. It provides you a very strong surface.

Where would I get this?

You can buy this from any online shopping app. Like you can easily get it on Amazon.

Is it compatible with the user?

Yes , of course,  it is totally user friendly.

Will I get the warranty?

Yes, it provides you one year of warranty.

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