We all are living in this pandemic amid the covid-19 virus. This disease has created a havoc throughout the world. Several guidelines are being suggested to us by health experts all around the world.

As per the health experts the person immune system is that which can save their life.So following the basic precautions such as wearing masks in public places and maintaining the social distancing , we also need to improve our immune system.

For helping you out, what to do to boost up you and your families immunity ,we have came up with a product named as Emeveta Holy Basil.

Emeveta – What is it?

Emeveta is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of herbal health-care. Emeveta is the perfect solution for lack of attention which we do not pay to our brain and good health.

The company claims the product to be anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and body booster.

To know more about the product stay focused on this blog. This blog will give you detailed review about Emeveta Holy Basil.

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What is Holy Basil?

Holy Basil is a popularly known and holy plant of India , named Tulsi. Tulsi is a panacea of many problems. This is a medicinal plant which is being used from ancient times and the diverse properties of it is still being used today.

Basil has many health benefits which most people are not aware of.

These capsules have been made not only to boost your immunity system, but it also act as a mood refresher and removes all your stress. 

  • Composition

The capsule is made from Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum). It contains Tulsi Panchang Extract which are leaves, stem, seeds, flowers and roots.

The capsule also contains the essential phytochemicals and flavonoids which benefits your body in numerous ways by providing protection against diseases.

  • Vegan Capsule shell

The shell is 100% pure vegeterian, with no side effects. Gelatin free and no other added colors.

  • Healing power

Basil has diverse healing properties which help to detoxify body, cure breath problem and many more.

Try it and feel the difference.

Is this product reliable for you?

Yes, the product is designed to revitalize your body and improve your immunity.


  • The nutrition will help to boost directly your immunity.
  • Act as a natural adaptogen.
  • Contains natural anti-bacterial properties.
  • Contains powerful Antioxidants.
  • Good for skin.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • It protect against oxidant and radicals .
  • It has been found to increase the energy level and capacity of body.
  • It cleanses and detoxify body ,leaving a rejuvenated feeling.
  • Besides providing good immune strength,it also provides rich italian flavour to food.


  • Boost Immunity:

Research says that taking Basil capsules twice improves the body immunity.

  • Enhances respiratory health

It has anti-oxidant properties

which cleanses and detoxify the body, and

keep your heart healthy.

  • Relieves stress

As per some research it is found that taking holy basil twice a day i.e. in morning and at night decreases symptoms of stress and also reduces the problem of forgetfulness, sexual problems and insomnia.

  • Prevents cancer

The anti-bacterial property of the capsules are helpful in protecting from cancer germs.


As Basil is most commonly used in Italian food , it will give you a tinch of Italian flare.


For normal people, it is recommended to take one or two capsules daily.

For people undergoing some medical treatment like pregnant ladies, hypertension people are recommended to consult from their physician before using the product.

Is it safe?

Yes it is safe to consume the product for 8 weeks.

Thereafter, it should be consulted and used on doctors prescription.

Features and details

  • 100% pure vegetarian.
  • Gelatin Free .
  • No added color and other artificially added chemicals.
  • Chemicals free.
  • 100% organic product.
  • No side effects.
  • Boost Immunity.
  • Relieve stress.
  • Enhances respiratory health.
  • Provides protection against diseases.
  • Improves capacity of body.
  • Increases energy level.


Store in a cool, dark and dry place below 25°C. Protect from moisture. Improper storage may deteriorate the product.

Special Instructions:

Please consult your physician before consuming in the following situations:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension

Additional Information

  • Each capsule contains Tulsi Panchang Extract – 500 mg.
  • Weight – 0.18 kg.
  • Dimension – 18 × 10 × 10 cm.


Emeveta is Indias leading manufacturer and exporter of herbal health-care products. The company offers supplements of herbal extracts and health cautions to customers.

The health-care capsules are purely vegan and are fully soluble in the body with no side effects , no added colors , gelatin free and with maximum absorption.

The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties of Holy Basil provides immunity, boost energy level and increases capacity of body.

It has very good and diverse features of healing power with pure ancient herb.

Emeveta strictly follow the quality standards. Keeping in view the customers health and safety , the capsules are processed in their pure and unadulterated form.

Emeveta products manufacturing process are minutely observed and fully cautioned. 

Emeveta FAQ 

What is Emeveta Holy Basil?

The Holy Basil are herbal capsule which are helpful in improving strength and boosting immunity.

What are the ingredients present in Holy Basil?

The capsule is made from Tulsi Panchang Extract.

Does it contains any side effects?

It does not have any side effects.

Where can I buy Emeveta Holy Basil?

You can purchase this product from their official websites or on amazon.

How do I contact Emeveta customer service?

The company provides a portal on their websites for contacting and also has toll free number which are available for a particular time given on the website.

Is Emeveta Holy Basil pure vegan?

Yes, Emeveta Holy Basil is pure vegan.


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