COVID-19 has put us through a difficult time, something we didn’t expect or neither prepared for! A pandemic that is currently putting our lives at such a high stake, a million over COVID cases have already surfaced in India. It’s time to act cautiously and take precautions.

We have to stay indoors, go out only if necessary, follow guidelines, keep washing our hands, wear the mask and maintain social distancing. We have to stay strong and take care of ourself and our family especially the elders and childrens,and  also try to stay positive, calm and pray.

Appreciate the health officials, COVID warriors and sanitization department. Government is taking all the steps for controlling the community spread of coronavirus.  But it is in our hands to make sure it doesn’t get into at our ground i.e. our home. We usually wash our hands but it’s the small stuff that we carry around with us, exchange with others and share with others puts us in more danger.

So, are you taking all the necessary steps? I have a question, do you sanitize your car keys? Money? Shoes? Phones?

Mostly we don’t, usually, we don’t carry sanitizer with us or worried about how it could damage mostly our electronic devices like laptop, phone and watches.

For resolving this issue here is the easiest, handy and most efficient way to do it with using Purabelle Nano Mist Spray Sanitizer/Atomiser which uses its mist spray technology to sanitize everything you want ranging from your hands to even the car keys.

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Is this product beneficial?

Yes, it is, it has made the usage of sanitizer and sanitization much easier, simpler and efficient by making sure that every stuff gets COVID  free and ensure your safety!

Due to the pandemic, the need for sanitizing equipment and other valuable is of more concern and should be our highest priority. A high surplus demand for sanitizer is seen which also affected the high rise in the cost of sanitizing product but still, Purabelle Nano Mist spray Sanitizer/Atomiser is cost-efficient and fits into your budget.

What is Purabelle Nano Mist Spray/Atomiser?

Purabelle Nano mist spray sanitizer is a sanitizer sprayer/facial steamer which sprays in form of mist which will ensure that you properly sanitize your electronic devices, car, money, watches moreover everything or hydrate your face. It can be used to calm your skin from sunburn and refresh your skin as well.

It is made of acrylic, a water tank capacity of 30 ml and available at multicolor. It has Nano Atomiser and comes really handy. An amazing personal care stuff specially for now.

How to use and how it works?

It’s really easy to use, remove the water tank then you have to take alcohol-based sanitizer and fill 30 ml of it in the water tank, put it back in and it’s ready for use. What it does is when you hit the button it actually converts that alcohol-based sanitizer into a vapour and sprays it in the form of mist. The process doesn’t even take a second, just press the button and your spray will be ready to use for sanitizing anything you want. It can continuously work for 20 mins. You can also add water in the tank and use it for hydrating your skin and remove dryness, counter sunburn.


Handy, portable for everyday use.

Sanitizes everything as it uses mist spray, it can also be used to sanitize electronic devices without harming it.

Can also be used as a portable charger for your mobile phone. It has 150mAH battery that keep your phone juiced up for 1hr .

It can also be used as face sprayer which will keep your face hydrated.

Continuous usage for 20 mins and easily rechargeable. Available with a charging cable.



Gel sanitizer can’t be used to fill the tank.


Purabelle Nano Mist Spray is a must-have for your overall safety from COVID . As I usually go out, I take it everywhere to sanitize money, cards, mobile phone and of course my hands. It always comes handy making sure I have all-round protection. Plus keeps cell charged!! A product that can be of multi-use for 3 different stuff makes it a really good personal care stuff. In this time, sanitizer holds a critical part in ensuring our safety

This product is a must use for everyone, as we usually forgot to sanitize our stuff especially electronic devices, this product surely gets it covered, and  its worth of every penny you spend on it .

Purabelle Nano Mist Spray Sanitizer/Atomiser FAQ

Q: What is water tank capacity of Purabelle Nano Mist Spray Sanitizer/Atomiser?

The water tank capacity is 30 ml and can be easily


Q: Where can I buy Purabelle Nano Mist Spray Sanitizer/Atomiser?

    You can purchase this product from Amazon.

Q: Can it be used as a face sprayer?

Yes, it can be. It can be used both as a facial steamer and sanitizer sprayer.


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