As we all know that this is a very crucial period for all of us during this pandemic. We need to stay protected from the spread of the deadly virus. We stayed in our homes during the lockdown period.

 But till what time will anyone sit idle?

People have to come out and work for a living.

The face mask and sanitization are important. But no people are perfect, anyone can do mistake. People can touch their face, doors and other things outside which can be very dangerous for them. So, to get rid from these mistakes and stay protected from the virus, we have come with some personal protective solutions. These are-

  • Face Safety Shield
  • CovidKadi
  • Home Gloves

The above act as a major preventive shield during the current pandemic. These can be used by any people, even by the people wearing spectacles, working in hospitals and also for general use.

Face safety shield

A personal protective equipment – Healthgenie Face Shield is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) that provides one with great protection for full face from virus droplets, spray, saliva, dust and other droplets.

 It is more comfortable to wear than a face mask and keeps one’s hand away from the face, eyes and nose. It is transparent with clear film that provides the wearer easy visibility. The face shield comes with an elastic band which makes it fit easily on head of all sizes. The foam strip on the head band is designed in such a way that it is non-irritating for the person and the shield is little away from the face.

Healthgenie Face shield has a jaw like structure which provides easy head movement without any obstruction. The Face shield is easier to wear and take off as and when needed without hassles. It is reusable and can be easily cleaned using soap and water or from a lens cleaner.

It is a full-frontal safety equipment.

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Features and details

  • Complete Face Protection: Healthgenie Face shield provides complete face protection from infectious droplets, dust, sprays, saliva, etc.
  • Reusable: Face shield is made of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) which can be easily cleaned using soap and water or from a lens cleaner and thus can be reused.
  • Protective Barrier: The face shield forms a barrier that stops the wearer from touching their own face constantly and prevents the virus attack to a larger extent.
  • Easy fit for all: It comes with an elastic headband that can be easily adjusted and fits properly on all head sizes.
  • Easy head movement: Healthgenie Face shield has a jaw like structure which provides the wearer with easy head movement without any obstruction.
  • Comfortable to wear: Soft foam sponge on the headband provides comfort to the wearer.
  • Clear Visibility:  The transparent and clean film provides clear visibility to all kind of people, even the people with spectacles.
  • Lightweight: The face shield is light in weight as it is made taking into consideration that the wearer would use it for longer duration.


The dimensions of the Healthgenie face shield is 35cmx22cm (length x breadth) and the strong PET material with a thickness of 350 microns.

How to use?

The healthgenie face shield comes with a laminated covering which protects the wearer. Before use just peel off the laminated on both sides for a clear visibility. Set the shield on your head as mentioned on the product.


CovidKadi is a safety key that help to avoid touching contaminated surfaces with bare hands. Its perfect grip design makes it easy to perform contact less actions seamlessly. The Covidkadi completely fits in hands and is comfortable to apply pressure on object.

It protects yourselves on door handle, lift, ATM buttons, to lift shopping bags, while travelling in buses, to open and close car doors, ring doorbell etc.

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Featured & Details

  • Holding Tool: The CovidKadi can be used to hold handle or take support of the pole or hook while travelling in buses.
  • Avoid Touching Contaminated Surfaces: With the use of this hand tool one can easily pull or push doors of cars, of homes and shopping cart. The safety key can also be used to press button while using ATM or elevator or ringing doorbell.
  • Easy to use: The grip design makes it easier to perform contact less actions seamlessly.
  •  Light weight: These are made using high quality plastic material which makes in lighter in weight and highly durable.
  • Multi-colour: These are available in different colours.


Made in India Product: This is made in India thus pocket friendly than the imported one’s. The safety tool has 2 hooks on the sides to lift shopping bags and apply pressure. It can handle 2-3 bags with weights upto 20 kgs.

Green Home gloves

The Home Gloves as the name suggests are used in general household chores such as cleaning fruits and vegetables, scrubbing floors, kitchen sinks or shop work etc. The inside of these gloves is covered with velveteen which facilitates comfortable feel and prevents sweating during use. These are easy to put on and off as and when required. The gloves upper part helps to grip things better and are resistant to stretching. Their multipurpose use increases their value in your household chores.

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Features & details

  • Multi- functional tool: The gloves are suitable for dish washing, cleaning kitchen, cleaning bathroom, cleaning toilet, washing clothes and doing other household chores.
  • Comfortable to wear: Velveteen inner surface prevents sweating and makes it comfortable to wear and take them off.
  • Resistant to chemicals: The gloves are resistant to washing chemicals and detergents.


The Velveteen rubber protected full size gloves are made of 100 percent natural latex. These latex gloves with long sleeves and elastic bands not just prevent your sleeves from getting wet but also protects your hands, wrist and forearms from water. So, take care of your hands while doing household chores.


The Healthgenie face shield, CovidKadi and the Green Home Gloves are all the personal protection equipments which prevents direct contact with contaminated surfaces. These are important in these days of wide spread of covid-19 as we can see the number of cases crossing fifty-thousand every day. So, use these to stay safe from the virus in home and in work places with full protection using these.


Q: Are these products reliable?

Yes, these products are fully reliable.

Q: From where can we buy these products?

You can buy it from online stores like amazon, flipkart, etc.

Q: Do these protect from covid-19?

These are protection equipments which builds a shield between you and the contaminated surface and prevent the spread upto large extent.

Q: Are these products reusable?

Yes, all these are reusable and cleanable.

Q: Are they comfortable?

Yes, all these products are designed keeping in mind your comfort level and larger duration of use.


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