The period before December of 2019, if we try to remember those days then we will be able to visualize some blurred memories of how we were free to move or migrate anywhere without any restrictions, our day-to-day routine was continuous and we were also satisfied with our lives. Those days were awesome and obviously memorable.

But nobody was aware that on the very December, a microscopic venomous deadly virus was waiting to attack the whole world i.e. The pandemic COVID-19, which has shaken the economical, as well as the health status of the world.

Today, each and every human being is surviving with a fear of coronavirus disease, a fear which is much worse than any of the other. We are now totally dependent upon doctor because they are the last hope for us. But now the situation has come to an alarming state, millions are getting infected by this virus and many are not even able to survive. It is a very critical condition. But our doctors are trying their best in providing us a best quality of treatment.

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But, not all the COVID-19 patients are being hospitalized, because the number of infected patients is more and the hospital beds are limited. So only those patients are hospitalized who have lesions in their lungs, and a very low oxygenation level. In simple words only moderate and severe symptomatic COVID patients are getting treatment in hospitals, and the mild ones are instructed to be home quarantined. And it is somewhat appropriate because hospitalization of those are more important who are suffering from severe symptoms.

So, First let’s try to understand which symptoms are categorized under which heading i.e. whether it is mild, moderate or severe.

Here is a category list, on the basis of which you can categorize the symptom your body is showing:

  1. Mild symptoms
  • Sore throat, or common cough.
  • Body ache.

2. Moderate symptoms

  • It includes pneumonia.
  • Low oxygenation level.
  • Fatigue, nausea or diarrhea.

3.Severe symptoms

  • Falling of oxygenation level at a very high state.
  • More breathing problems.
  • Regular fever.
  • Sometimes loss of taste, loss of the sense of smell.
  • In some cases, loss of appetite also occurs.

Now, many of you can question that what are the measures we should adopt if our body is showing symptoms.

Don’t worry, because in this blog I will deal with all these problems, and I am pretty sure that you must get all the solutions.

Some viewpoints are mentioned below:

Home Isolation

  • I think that, almost all of you are aware of this point, but then also I am mentioning this point because it is the most important part for COVID treatment. If you find yourself trapped in COVID-19 then you should isolate yourself in a room which has an attached washroom, in addition with limiting your moves in that room only.
  • Maintain physical distancing with everyone, even with your family members.

Proper sanitation

  •  The room in which you are isolated must be cleaned regularly, and make sure that the room is a well-ventilated room.
  •  Ensure proper sanitization of each and every thing in that room.

Body Temperature Measurement

  • It is also a very important practice that you should do during the period of isolation, you should monitor your vitals such as body temperature, and oxygen saturation.
  •  This criterion is also applicable on the caregivers of COVID-19 positive tested patients.

Consumption of immunity booster foods

  • As we all know that only treatment is available and not the vaccine in case of this disease, and the treatment includes some kind of food items.
  •  At present doctors are focusing more on it. So, you should consume those food items which helps you in making your immune system strong. And this is applicable to all the peoples whether they are COVID positive or not.
  • As, this is the most important point in all, so let’s discuss more about it.

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 What type of food items fall under the category of immunity boosters?

These are the following:

  1. Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, grape, fruits, etc. They contain a large amount of Vitamin- C, which is universally accepted in building a strong immune system.
  2. Green vegetables such as Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, etc.
  3. Food items such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, etc. You can consume ginger by adding it into tea. It will increase your taste as well. Turmeric can be consumed in addition with the milk.
  4. There are many more food items such as Red Bell Pepper, kiwi, almonds, etc.

Maintenance of hygiene

  • You must try to wear a face mask for maximum time, you can also use any scarf in case you don’t have face mask.
  •  If you are a caregiver of someone trapped in COVID-19 then it is necessary for you to wear a mask and most importantly a pair of gloves and a PPE kit.
  • You should be very careful and must follow all the guidelines like when you sneeze then make  sure to cover your mouth with your arms folded, and many more.
  •  You should keep sanitizing yourself on regular basis.

Proper medication

  • If you are a COVID-19 positive tested patient then you must be aware of one thing, that your body undergoes  a fight against the virus which leads to heavy inflammation, so to resist that, many anti- inflammatory medicines are available such as  Tocilizumab which you can take for the betterment of your body.
  • Also, many anti- viral medicines are available such as Rembdesivir Fabiflu, etc. But all these medicines you shall consume only by taking the doctor’s advice.

Consult with a doctor

  •  If you are having severe symptoms and when it seems that now the condition is getting serious then must consult a doctor. He will let you know that whether you are in a stage of hospitalization or not.


 With all these stuffs, I just want to make you aware to not take this virus as a normal phenomenon. It is a very serious problem. At present we people are surviving in a very critical and sensitive period where our lives are in a great risk.

 So if you are having any of the symptoms whether it is mild, moderate, or severe then have a test and do as directed by your doctor, also do follow all the above mentioned measures, because the measures I have mentioned are the result of very deep research, and none of the points above  is fake, or a matter of ignorance. There is no vaccine of this deadly virus with us till now, but our scientists are giving their best for it.

{Note: If you are having symptoms then do not hesitate for having the test. Have atleast 3 feet of social distance with everyone. Avoid attending any type of social gathering and stay safe.}

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any need to  be afraid of this virus?

No, you need not to be afraid of this virus, but take the precautions as directed by WHO (World Health Organization) and try to not get panic.

When COVID-19 vaccine will be available?

The scientists all over the world are working very hard for its arrival. So, I guess it would be available very soon.

Who should be more careful during this pandemic?

At present every one should be careful, but specially the children below 10 years of age and the senior citizens who are suffering already from many type of diseases such as diabetes, any respiratory illness, or any cardio related problems should be taken care more, and they should have to be more careful than any one else.

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