When the last few months of 2019 was heading towards its completion and we were busy planning for our next year tasks, the world got hit by an unwelcomed pandemic currently popular with the name covid-19.

Almost every age group got effected by its high blow, which also includes the future of the upcoming generation i.e. Students.

They thought that this pandemic will last for a very less time but their thoughts converted into an unsuccessful wish.

What’s next?

The lockdowns got imposed and after few days the schools and universities started taking online classes as instructed by the government. They did this by making groups or as per their comfortability and if something is taught then it becomes necessary to take assessments. So here the need of examination arises.

But how these examinations will take place?

The answer was simple i.e. Online examinations.

In this blog we will highlight some good and bad aspects of an online examination and later on we will come to a conclusion considering it as a boon or a bane.

What are online examinations?

The term online examinations itself reflects its definition i.e. The mode of examination in which an assessment is made by involving internet and a virtual screen instead of a handwritten answer.

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What are its advantages?

As online exams are going on successfully these days, so it’s obvious that it must be having some strong viewpoints.

The strong points in favour of online classes is discussed below:

  1. Reduces cost
  • It reduces the cost of the examiner as well as the student who is giving the examination.
  • The cost of paper and ink gets eliminated to almost half of the traditional method.
  • The transportation cost of the student on reaching to the examination centre gets totally eliminated.

2. Environment friendly

  • Use of paper and plastics packets which are used in keeping the question papers safe gets reduced.
  • Taking examinations with digital practices contributes enough to the environment.

3. Improves time management skills

  • We see that the examination which are taken online has some time running above or below of it which reminds the students to complete his/her exam within the time bound.
  • Students improves their time management skills because of it.

4. Immediate results

  • The evaluations made in the online mode of examinations are performed by bots in most of the cases.
  • Answers are already installed in the background process, so as the time bound reaches zero second the answers get submitted automatically and within a minute the result get displayed on the screen itself.

What are its disadvantages?

Not everything in this world exists only because of its good viewpoints instead it includes some disadvantages which doesn’t gets noticed easily.

 Let’s introduce few of those disadvantages below:

  1. Comfortability
  • Not every student is able to adjust themselves in the environment of online examinations either physically, mentally or financially.
  • Some may do not have access to large screens for better view of the lengthy questions.
  • Also, some might lack the process of execution.

2. Lack of examination environment

  • We are habituated with the traditional method of examination which includes a noise proof surrounding which we find lacking in this new one in some cases.
  • The family environment of some students is not suitable to make their champs feel like he/she is giving his/her exam in an examination hall.
  • The noises may distract the concentration of most of the students.

3. Cheating practices

  • The exams are taken on the basis of trust on the students as well as their parents, but some might succeed in adopting malpractices like cheating from answer booklets, online search engines, etc.

4. Connectivity issue

  • Since the exam process is executed online i.e. It demands a good internet connection.
  • Internet connection is not constant in most of the places, so if connectivity loses then there is a chance of getting the entire response failure, if any kind of backup doesn’t exist.

How to eliminate the disadvantages?

Every negative circumstance has a positive solution. It’s true that online exams have certain disadvantages but those can be eliminated if we perform some suitable actions.

 Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Set the examination time in such a manner that the student doesn’t get any extra time to think about those negative stuffs.
  • Parents should try to make their kids comfortable wherever they sit to give examinations so that they won’t feel any difference.
  • By ensuring that the internet connection we have works properly on a regular basis.
  • Government should take some steps to provide resources to those students who are not able to participate in this new method of examination.


After mentioning all the ups and downs of an online examination, I have come to a conclusion that it is a good practice as it has many advantages which are perfect in my point of view. Besides this, it includes some disadvantages but those are minimal and can be overcome if we follow some steps as mentioned above. I have personally given some online examinations before, so I have some kind of experience on how it performs. I recommend this as a best alternative for taking examinations.

[NOTE: Proper arrangements should be made so that the one who deserve more grades doesn’t get left behind of those who won’t deserve it because of the malpractices adopted by them]


What is online examination?

The mode of examination in which all the process beginning from submitting responses till the evaluation is executed online.

Does online method of taking exams will totally eliminate the traditional method in the future?

No, it can’t be said for sure because at present, these practices are going on because of the restrictions imposed on institutions due to COVID 19.

Is online examination system beneficial for the long run?

Yes, because the world is in the development stage now and every traditional method is turning to digital these days. So, it is possible that the higher authorities may consider it a permanent practice without leaving any traditional alternative.

Is this method cheap?

 Yes, this method of taking examination is very much cheap as compared to the traditional one because it reduces the cost of pen and paper.


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