Currently the entire world is suffering from a very huge pandemic named as corona virus disease. It has created havoc throughout the world which has impacted almost everyone without leaving any age limitation.

Since we are under some restrictions which we are bound  to follow. Those restrictions include keeping 3 feet distance from the person around us, wearing masks in public, not to visit any public place which creates crowds, etc.

It clearly states that shopping malls, gyms,etc will remain shut till further orders. But if we talk about gyms, then  some countries have lifted their restrictions already while some are planning to do so and will allow the gyms  to reopen very soon.

Since,  we are aware of  the cruelty of this deadly virus so some may hesitate in going to the gym even after knowing that it is necessary for them. But  taking care of your physique is equally important than anything else. In this blog i ll share some best solutions which you can adopt to help yourself in  maintaining your physique without stepping your feet out for gym.

What is the solution?

The solution is home gym. It is an alternative for those who care about their health and were used to following the gym regularly before the covid outbreak.

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What is a home gym?

Home gym refers to a home setup made by someone  by having some best  gym equipment at the home itself. The equipment choice varies from person to person i.e. some require a pair of dumbbells in addition with a barbell  with some flexible plates while some go for a proper setup.

What are those home gym equipment?

Those home gym equipment includes:

Kore home gym kit

Kore provides a best set for home gym which includes  a curled rod, a pair of dumbbells  along with some plates.

 Let’s elaborate its specifications in detail which includes:

  • A curl rod:  A 3 feet curl rod which will help you in performing various exercises. With the help of this rod you can work on your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back as well.
  • A pair of dumbbell rods: A pair of  14 inch dumbbell rods which will help you in performing alternate grip exercises like biceps curls ,tricep kickbacks,etc. It is enough for you if you just want to get yourself into a basic shape because one  can train  almost every  body part with the help of a dumbbell only which includes the back, shoulder, bicep, tricep, chest and leg as well.
  • PVC plates: It consists of 2 kg plates which are 8 in number i.e. there will be  8 plates  of  2kg each. The plates are of PVC material which provides  a better comfort while holding it  to move here and there.

Also  it is good for you if your gym area doesn’t have a mat that means it will not cause any harm to your flooring marbles, tiles,etc if dropped down from a certain height accidently.

  • A pair of locks: Locks are necessary for attaching plates  to a dumbbell rod. It has 2 sets of locks for both the rods. The locks are of good quality and easy to use .The grips are made on the locks to adjust your finger on it while rotating it.
  • A pair of clippers: Clippers are for multipurpose use i.e. one can use it for attaching plates  in  both dumbbell rods and barbell rod. The quality of these clippers are trustworthy.
  • User friendly.
  • Suitable for training every body part.
  • Durable quality.
  • Not very much expensive.
  • Weight is limited i.e. 16kg.
  • Not enough for heavy weightlifters.
  • Screws are not of iron or steel.

Propel adjustable weight bench

            Propel provides a best quality bench for your home gym. This bench has adjustable weight settings which is helpful in performing various workouts. Propel is a leading brand in the market of fitness equipment

Let’s put some lights on its features:

  • Soft  seat material: The seat material  is filled with 2 inches of foam which is very much soft in nature.The outer cover of the seat is made of a high quality leather which provides a great comfort.
  • Good  backrest length: The backrest  has a measurement of 10.6 inches which is suitable  for a normal user to lay on it comfortably while doing various workouts.
  • High quality steel framework: The body frame is made of a very high quality steel which is very much durable in nature. It is strong enough to provide a base to a person of maximum weight (approx 150 kg) on it.
  • Variable adjustments with auto lock: The backrest can be adjusted easily as per your need by just pulling the bolt and adjusting it on the hole you want to adjust. It provides 10 locks for this purpose.

By adjusting the locks you can keep changing your back position on that  bench as flat, incline or decline as per your requirement.

  • Best quality steel.
  • Highly durable.
  • Compatible  for incline, decline  as well as flat position workouts.
  • Auto lock.
  • Not  perfect for extra weight individuals.
  • A little expensive.

Home gym dynamics power tower

            Home gym dynamics provides a wonderful power tower which you can add in your home gym list. If you are planning to buy a power tower then you can go for this brand because it is a leading brand in the fitness equipment category.

 Let’s elaborate its more specifications:

  • Good weight handling potential: The frame is strong enough to carry a weight upto 140 kgs. Its  fabulous structure provides proper support  to all its components.
  • Best quality foam padding: The foam padding on the areas where your hands and back would rest upon is very much comfortable. The manufacturer has used the best quality of foam in this regard.
  • Fit  for maximum workouts: This power tower is very much helpful in performing various workouts like chin ups, pull ups, hanging leg raises and many more.
  • Perfect grip: It provides a perfect grip while  performing hanging workouts.
  • Best quality of material used.
  • Provides a perfect grip.
  • Good quality foam used.
  • Take less time in assembling(15-20 min approx).
  • Suitable for performing various workouts
  • Not much expensive
  • Takes some space.
  • Weight limitation is  140 kgs.


While coming to the end of this blog,I would like to share some personal opinion of mine regarding these equipment which I have been using from  months. These are the best home gym equipment, if you have a wish to maintain your physique without stepping your feet outside for the gym. These equipment are enough for you if you are a beginner or a pro.The best part in these equipment is that one  can add more heavy weights later on as per their requirement. So if you are hesitating in going out for  gym then you must own these equipment and set your own gym at the home itself.


Q. What is a home gym?

A home gym is a collection of necessary fitness equipment which can be kept at home for performing various body workouts without heading towards the gym.

Q. Are these equipment safe?

Yes, These equipment are manufactured while keeping the user’s safety in mind. So it is 100% safe.

Q. Who can assemble it?

The user or owner can assemble it by themselves or they can get it done by someone else.

Q. From where can I purchase these equipment?

You can buy it from amazon or from any online or offline stores.

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