At present, there is no need to mention the ongoing suffering of the whole world. I think in the present situation, when we listen to the term “suffering”, then our mind reminds us of one and only one thought i.e. the pandemic, COVID-19.

Today, on the basis of the present situation analysis and as per the decision of government we are imprisoned in our homes. As, till now there is no COVID-19 vaccine available, so we have no other option left except this. If your life as well as your family’s lives matters for you then you should adopt this option of staying at home.

But, if we don’t step out, then how could we be able to do our work, our job? And if we won’t  do our job then how can we satisfy our appetite? How can we fulfill our basic needs?

For all these problems, the whole world is following an idea i.e. work from home. All the professional practices which were done in the offices by sitting in the cubicles, professions like teaching, etc, are now continuing online.

Also all the professional meetings, video conferencing, online classes for students are now incomplete without gadgets such as PC, laptops, mobile phones, headphones, etc.

Apart from this pandemic, many multinational companies where the offline meeting is impossible with all the employees, because of their large number . Hence  the meetings are to be  held by video conferencing.  So, even before this pandemic the online technology was widely circulated. Many online educational institutions were  already executed, and   now they are contributing more in this present situation.

In our generation, the medium of entertainment is not less. We can spend hours of time lonely without getting bored. We can play games on our mobile phones, listen to music, and many more.  In Fact many people are opting gaming as their career, and  are earning by organizing live streams in the platforms like youtube, and also it is profitable.

Now, In all these activities like video conferencing, gaming, online learning, etc one thing is observable that the most important act is hearing or listening. You have to concentrate without any external noise. So for all these you need a best quality headphone.

There are a lot of headphones flooded in the market, and it is a bit confusing to choose the best. Don’t worry, I’ve simplified your work and after a deep research I am here with the three best quality headphones, which you can’t ignore.

They are the following: 

Cosmic Byte Headphones with mic and LED- G4000 EDITION:

Cosmic Byte is presenting you a very cool looking and awesome specified headphone with mic. This is perfect for gaming, listening music, video conferencing, etc. I am truly sure that you will be amazed by its exciting key features.

  1. A perfect headset for playing games, online streaming, listening music, etc.
  1. Ear pads and head pads are provided with soft cushions which will comfort you a lot for a long time.
  1. Very much sensible mic which will make your communication clear.
  1.  Flexibility of the microphone is there to position as per your comfort. 
  1. Smart- in- line remote control is present to function the mic and sounds.
  1.  The headset is designed by the LED lights in the ear cups for the attractive look.
  1. Interface of headset: USB( only for LED lights) and 3.5 mm stereo.
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  • User interactive.
  • Can  be Carried anywhere easily.
  • Smart look.
  • Non wireless, as wireless needs connection such as bluetooth, hotspot which is not stable. So it is better than wireless.
  • Not chargeable, so it can prevent the problems of power cut.

Logitech Stereo Headset H111:

The second best headphone in my list is Logitech stereo headphone, which is compatible with all kinds of devices. You can perform any activity while using it. The length of the cable is so standard that you can stretch your body, or stand up in any position while communicating with anyone.

  1. It satisfies you with it’s clear audio which is perfect for gaming, listening music, video conferencing for a long period.
  1. Rotation of the boom can reach up to 180°. In this headset , you can position the mic as it is very flexible. You can even remove the boom when not in use.
  1. Strong and lightweight headbands, which will provide you a great comfort.
  1. Very soft foam cushions are there in the ear pads which will comfort you for a long period of time.
  1. Headphone sensitivity is 100 decibel (+/- 3 decibel).
  1. 1 Year of limited hardware warranty is available. 
  • Comfortable for a long period of time.
  • Can be carried easily.
  • Restricts outside noise.
  • Not so costly.
  • Not so fashionable. But looks simple and cool.
  • Mic can’t be removed. 

Sennheiser PC 131 Binaural Headset:

It is also the most adorable and comfortable headphone. A Skype certified headset which is ideal for video conferencing and also as similar to the above mentioned headsets. This is also perfect for gaming purposes. 

  1. It is very much relevant for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) chats and calls. Also, perfect for online gaming.
  1. This headset also contains soft foam cushion ear pads.
  1. The cable is single sided to prevent the mess.
  1. In – built feature of volume control and mic muting.
  1. Compatible with many devices such as DVD, MP3, etc.
  1. Two 3.5 mm mini plugs are available to connect with the microphone of your computer and headphone Jacks.
  1. 2 years of limited warranty.
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  • Exciting specifications.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Durable product.
  • Cancels outside noise.
  • Boom can’t be tucked out.
  • Foam is not present over the headbands.


 With the analysis of the present situation and also taking care of the development of the world, as all the activities are now online, headphone is acquiring its place in the list of our current needs. In this blog I have mentioned many activities where headphones play a vital role, such as video conferencing, gaming, not just listening but to feel the music. So, if you are searching for best quality headphones, then do not get confused with the varieties of items. I have gone through a deep research and picked up the best deal for you. The above mentioned headphones are awesome. I will surely recommend you to buy these items. You can choose any of them as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these products reliable?

Yes, these products are truly reliable. You will never regret, after the purchase.

Where would I get these?

You can easily get them on Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Are these products durable?

Yes, they are durable, strong and healthy. You can trust the manufacturers.

What is the compatibility status of these products?

They are compatible with various kinds of devices such as computers, mobile phones, DVD, MP3 player, etc.


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