Working from home is big news. During the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a major key and playing a crucial role in our safety from this pandemic. 

It can be surprisingly tough during its first stage because any job assigned to anyone initially seems to be difficult. However during this situation it’s our duty to stay at home and work from the same place. 

And yet, not having to go to the office can offer surprising opportunities to develop a better work-life balance, and to manage your own working day. You can have more great ideas at home and your new ideas can take your innovation on its verge which will definitely help you out in various ways even economically and non economically. 

Let’s explore the possibilities offered by home working, and navigate a path that we had left behind during our so busy life full of circumstances and pressure on each step of our life. This pandemic is now among those. 

But every coin has 2 faces. We can’t always stay attached to the negative. We should focus on its positive side as working from home has provided us various opportunities of work along with having the time to stay with our family. Pre pandemic session was so busy that each of us had only a little penny of time to spend with our family and close ones. This pandemic has brought us a step closer to our loved ones  that was literally the need of the hour. 

The Benefits and Challenges of Working From Home:

Most of the people are working from home for the first time due to COVID-19. Others are more seasoned remote workers. Whatever be the circumstances, working from home is playing a larger part in your life, and of the people you live with, than it ever has before. 

At its best, working from home benefits everyone i.e. you, your family or household, as well as your organization. Remain connected and positive, and you can work productively while maintaining a fulfilling home life and all without the stress of a daily commute. 

There are so many writings that define the ultimate A-Z of home working. Thus for all of us it is necessary to know about the ins and outs of working from home. 

However, there are challenges. Managers and employers may be concerned whether home workers are in fact working. Meanwhile, many remote employees can feel isolated. They might suffer from stress and anxiety. That’s why it is vital to maintain contact with your co-workers and subordinates, and to cultivate a sense of belonging. 

Working Safely at Home:

At home, you’re responsible for creating your own working environment. And also you need to make sure that you stay mentally and physically healthy. For this the only solution is communication. One should not feel isolated and remain in contact with the others. 

Designing Your Work surroundings:

  • Creating an effective work space is essential if you want to stay on track and get things done. You must have all the equipment in your hands, and ensure that you’ve got enough room to work comfortably. 
  • Make it a place where you’ll enjoy spending time. However, you also need to be clear – to yourself and to your household – that, at certain hours of the day, it’s a place of work. A few “office” touches might encourage you to be more productive, but you can still personalize your workspace, with fun posters or family photos and no disturbance should have been made. 
  • A high-quality office chair is one of the best investments you can make. But if it’s not one that you have the space or funds for, be sure that you can sit comfortably. If not, you’ll likely find plenty of excuses to get up and go somewhere else.

Buy high quality office chairs online-

  • At the very least, arrange your work area so that distractions aren’t in your line of view – including your partner, if they’re also working from home.
  • Pick your spot with light, air and noise in mind, too. Have enough light to see your keyboard clearly, but avoid reflected screen glare. Open a window if you can for fresh air. However, if your neighborhood is noisy, consider using headphones, take breaks, have coffee and get refreshed. 

Even there is pandemic but everyone among us has to live and earn our living so work from home is a crucial essence that is playing a vital role in earning our livelihood even through this situation that the whole world was unaware about , namely COVID-19 natively known as corona virus


Office is no longer the only workplace since many people are considering working from home. Some may argue the majority of employees should change their workplace from office to home. In my opinion, the benefits of working from home can surely surpass the drawbacks. 

There are also some disadvantages that working from home could bring like working from personal space will reduce direct interactions among colleagues. But the problem is solved, thanks to the Internet. Now, people from around the globe can easily contact and work with the other individuals from distances. Another demerit is that some people may get distracted from work by external factors. This requires employees to be highly rewarded for what they should and should not do for their paid jobs. 


Q.”I could never do it, I don’t have the discipline”. What should I do to overcome it?

The answer is quite obvious, anything cannot be done perfectly for the first time. Practice and determination is all we need initially. Any job seems difficult but if one is determined and focused definitely one day he can reach the peak.

Q. Don’t you get lonely?

Everyone among us is working for our living and our family, so working is the only solution to give a better future to your family. Loneliness is the aspect that can arise to one but if proper intervals are taken and the mind is refreshed then we can definitely overcome loneliness and earn appreciation in our work that will let you forget all your negative vibes and feelings. 

Q. How could your boss know that you are working?

The answer lies in the trust and faith of your employer on his/her employees and the amount of work that is being completed in the given deadline or not the boss should regularly keep on checking whether their employees and workers are involved in their employment or they are just faltering him. But if one is working for his livelihood and his family he is definitely not going to pass time but will work with full enthusiasm and dedication


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