As we all know, the sense of visualizing objects or the sense of sight is a greatest boon for the entire family on planet earth. Our eyes are one of the most sensible and simultaneously very important organs of our body. 

But technology advancement is  leading the world to depend more on gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc. Now, all the activities can be done online. At present, I think the majority of the people in this world are having smart phones, laptops, or computers. In the offices also paper works are very less, instead of it all the works are dependent on these gadgets only.

Now, the dependency upon these gadgets has risen more because of the pandemic, COVID-19. We are now working from home. We have to work for a long period of time by sitting in front of digital screens such as computers, smart phones, etc.

The screens of  these gadgets emit a large amount of harmful blue light which can affect our eyes adversely. This blue light can damage the eye’s retina. Long exposure to blue light can even lead to diseases such as cataract, eye cancer. Dryness of eyes,  disruption in the sleep time, and many more, also occurs.

Today, our world is in a situation that without these gadgets, further development is impossible and these are important also, as it helps in the process of development more conveniently. People are using these gadgets in excess amounts, which is  creating a very bad impact on the eyes.

 According to this situation, all we need is something that blocks this blue light and prevents our eyes from being harmful. No need to worry, there is a thing that can perform this activity for the betterment of your eyes. And the item is Blue light filter glasses. As it is clear from the name,  they are the type of specs, which will block or filter the harmful blue light and even the harmful UV radiation.

So, I am here with my blog in which I will mention Five best blue light filter specs, where I will discuss only the high quality and well specified items, which you can’t refuse.

Here, is my list:


Description of all the above mentioned products are as follows:


In 1999, an Italian company RTL founded the LIVHO brand. The founders of this brand are visual protection experts, and fashion designers. LIVHO mainly manufacturers products such as sun glasses, sport glasses, visual protection glasses which includes blue light blocking glasses. So, the first name in my list is a product of LIVHO BRAND. It is LIVHO Blue Light blocking specs. Some of its key features will definitely gain your attention to have this specs.


  1. Eliminates eye fatigue and prevents the eyes from harmful blue light which can enter our eyes while using smartphones, laptops, etc.
  1. Reduce the problem of headache, as excess use of blue light emitting gadgets causes eye strain, which leads to severe headache. Hence, it also reduces eye strain.
  1. In LIVHO specs, white lenses are used, which blocks more blue rays and using it before bedtime is very much effective to experience a better sleep.
  1. Best quality products are used for the manufacture of this spectacle. TR90 nylon is used to provide you a great comfort, durability to the product, and it is responsible for the lightweight feature of this glass.
  1. Approved by FDA and CE. So it is a risk free product. You can use it without any hesitation.
  1. 30 days guaranteed. You can contact the seller if any issue occurs. 
  1. Passed the blue light blocking capacity test and UV400 protection test.

Leading points:

  • Anti- glare lens is present.
  • Passed the UV400 and blue ray blocking tests.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Bendable frame.

Limiting points:

  • Simple look i.e. not much designed, but looks casual.
  • Not suitable for kids.


The second name in my list is Intellilens spectacles. This is also a perfect and better quality of blue light blocking specs. It is observed by taking an average that a person stares for more than 10 hours to a digital screen, due to which a large amount of blue light enters our eyes and harms our eyes. But this spectacle is designed in a way that the blue lights will be blocked and simultaneously it will provide you a great comfort. 


  1. Reduce the reflection on the lens surface as there is an anti glare coating present.
  1. The technology such as blue ray cut, UV420, and anti reflection process are used for the manufacture. This technology does not allow the blue ray to enter your eyes, it prevents you eyes from getting strain.
  1. Lens material used in this spectacle is CR39 which is commonly known as Columbia Resin #39. This is a plastic polymer which is very helpful in providing eye clarity , and blu ray reduction.
  1. Scratch resistant as it has many protective layers.
  1. Compatible with all types of screens, as a person can use different screens per day such as laptops, computers, etc.
  1. It is a risk free product as it has a certificate of QIMA. Well lab tested.

Leading points:

  • The lens has zero power, so it can be used by anyone.
  • Lightweight frame for your comfort.
  • You can wear it any time, even when you are not using any digital screen.
  • Smart and classy look.

Limiting points:

  • Not much sure about the UV ray protection.
  • Can’t be converted into a power lens.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-4.png


Marine cops glasses, founded in the USA, are too much relevant for the protection of your eyes. Anti- glare coating is also present in these specs, which prevents the harmful blue light from entering your eyes. Super Clarity in the near and far vision. I am pretty sure that with Marine Corps glasses your eyes will be definitely safe.


  1. No issue of size, because the frame size of this spectacle is standard regular.
  1. As clear from the name, It is a type of reading glasses and relevant for  both near and far vision.
  1. Protects your eyes from the harmful blue rays generated from the smart screens, while playing games, streaming videos, etc.
  1. Anti- glare coating is present, applied to the lens of any spectacle to reduce the reflection.
  1. Well metallic design and lightweight material.
  1. Color variants are available.

Leading points:

  • Free size, no size issue.
  • Can reach up to very small details without giving any stress to the eyes.
  • Smart design for the smart generation.
  • Economical friendly.

Limiting points:

  • Power is not zero, +1.50 power of lens is there.
  • Not for small kids.
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If you are looking for a spectacle which is perfect in its looks, and your eye protection quality, then you can give your attention to US Desire Computer glasses. It’s awesome rectangular frame and a smart structure will definitely make your mind to buy this. 

And if we talk about its eye protection quality, then don’t worry you can trust this product even blindly. Let’s have a look at some of its characters.


  1. Technology such as UV block and anti reflection are used in this spectacle. It is a premium quality of blue ray protection computer glasses.
  1. Eliminates the negative effect of the blue light.
  1. Also protects your eyes from UV rays. 
  1. Breadth of the lens- 55 mm

Distance between the two lens- 17mm

Height- 48 mm

Frame width- 137 mm

  1. The packet contains a keeping case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  1. Frame is made up of high quality stainless steel.

Leading points:

  • Color variations are available such as black, golden, silver, grey, etc.
  • Prevents scratches and also from the rust.
  • Well designed and perfect smart look.
  • Not much costly

Limiting points:

  • Need extra care as a very thin frame is there.
  • Men and women can wear this, but not the kids.
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In 1997, an Italian company HTW, founded the brand Gaoye. Again, just similar to the brand Livho, the founders of Gaoye were also visual protection experts and family fashion designers. All the products of Gaoye are the result of the best and decent designing concept. This spectacle also has a great ability to block the blue light generated from the digital screens, which are very harmful. This spectacle is also perfect for your eyes and also for the betterment of your life, because eyes are the most important organ of our life.

 Let’s explore more about this product by its characteristics-


  1. Anti blue light lenses– The lenses have the property of blocking the blue light from the very outside. This will reduce the problems of headache, eye strain, dryness of eyes, etc, which occurs due to the entrance of blue light in our eyes. You can wear this while reading, using smart gadgets such as computers, smart phones, etc.
  1. It also helps in blocking the UVA/UVB rays by the help of UV400 lenses. These rays are also very harmful for the eye’s health. 
  1. Super lightweight resin frame is there in the spectacle, so when you wear it, then you will experience great comfort.
  1. It’s Retro classic design makes it more attractive which is suitable for both men and women
  1. Best quality of lens is used, i. e. an explosion proof Polycarbonate lens. Polycarbonate lens helps in reducing eye strain, and resistant to the blue ray at a very high extent, solves the problem of fatigue eyes, blurred visions, etc. 
  1. Lens breadth– 2.04 inches (52mm)

Lens height– 1.65 inches (42mm)

Length of nose bridge– 0.5 inches (14mm)

  1. Variation is available in the magnification of the lens. You can choose as per your eye’s requirements.
  1. 0% risk – This brand provides its customers a 30 days of money return guarantee if any issue arises. 
  1. FDA and CE approved product. 

Leading points:

  • Nice and a very decent look of the frame.
  • Magnification is specified.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Not too costly.

Limiting points:

  • Non bendable frame.
  • Not suitable for kids.
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As in this pandemic situation we are totally dependent on smart gadgets such as computers, smart phones, etc. And even before this pandemic period,  the use of these things were very essential, but the blue rays emerging out from the screen can damage and affect our eyes very badly, so as per the requirement of the current situation and the need of the people, I have mentioned five best blue light blocking glasses , which is very useful in maintaining the better health of your eyes. I will highly recommend you to buy any of the glasses if you are in need. All of them are special and well characterized. You will surely love these spectacles. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these products durable?

Yes, they are fully durable, the materials used to manufacture these products are very strong and healthy.

Where to buy these products?

These products are easily available in amazon, flipkart, etc.

Are these products very much costly?

No, all the spectacles are the best and economically friendly.

Will these products sustain in the long run?

Yes, first of all in this pandemic situation these types of specs are very essential for the protection of our eyes. Also, it is observable that everything is becoming online and the dependency on smart gadgets is increasing, hence the sustainability of these products in a long run is 100%.


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