The year 2020 is about to end, only 6 months and some days are left. Yet, something is not ending, and that something is the most hilarious thing of this year. Yeah, It is the pandemic, COVID-19. The situation is getting worse. Every day, the news of increasing cases of COVID-19, are threatening us about the condition. 

Now, we people are going crazy and a bit irritated by just doing all our work from home. But these are the mood swings, these are not the topic of this blog. But the topic is something which is very salient. It’s been a long time, and still the status of COVID-19 vaccine is not up to the mark. But our doctors are putting their best to make it available very soon. But till then it is our responsibility to keep ourselves safe. Because In the present situation keeping ourselves safe and sanitized is the only way to protect the world.

At present, the most significant thing which we can do for our protection from this deadly virus is sanitizing our nearest environment. We should sanitize all the things, all the utensils of our home regularly for shielding ourselves from the pandemic COVID-19. Sanitization is not only effective for COVID-19, but it also contributes in maintaining the proper hygiene of the environment. This process kills many harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. 

Now, there arises a thought that, to sanitize ourselves many sanitizer solutions are available. But what about the home items, gadgets, objects, etc. How can we sanitize these things in a proper way as we do with our hand or body?

There are such kinds of products that can solve this issue. In this blog you will be able to catch some awesome and well specified gadgets to sanitize any kind of stuff very effectively. 

My list constitutes the following:



GENERIC UV Sterilizer is on the top of my list, because of its awesome structural features. It is very much relevant in sanitizing any utensil, devices such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. It will sanitize the surface of anything by emitting UV-C rays on the object. This sterilizer box sanitizes anything by maintaining proper hygiene, as it does not use any harmful chemicals to sanitize anything, rather it releases radiation, which will help in the sanitization process perfectly. It eliminates and kills the viruses, and deactivates the harmful microbes or bacteria.

The best part is that this product is tested at IISC lab facilities, NABL laboratory. This UV Sterilizer generates a required intensity of radiation that would kill the viruses very efficiently.

Let’s have a look on the specifications of this product-

Attributes of this gadget:

  1. Provided with a double wall, in which the outer wall is coated with steel powder, and the inner wall is coated with stainless steel.
  1. 6 Bulbs of 11W each is instituted in this product.
  1. Dimension of this product – 52 cm × 37 cm × 38 cm.

Weight– 28.68 Kg.

  1. The manufacturers provided a safety interlock system which prevents you from making any inappropriate skill or movement with the machine.
  1. There is an Auto cut off system available which will save your electricity bill. This means, after the sterilization the machine automatically gets cut off by the electricity.
  1. You can even set the timer, as the manufacturers provided a smart timer based Auto control system with a coverage of 360°.
  1. Warranty of 6 months from the date of invoice is given to the customer for this product.

[Note- Any misuse or mishandling of product will not be added in the warranty process.]


  • Avoids the use of harmful chemicals for sanitizing.
  • Well laboratory tested.
  • A big and spacious box to sanitize.
  • Sterilizes anything very fast.


  • It only sterilizes the objects, or any device, not relevant for the hands. 
  • Not chargeable.

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The second and the best product to sterilize your items, devices,etc is none other than the HOME 360 TRU- V UV care X, sanitization box. This sanitization box also performs its sterilization process by emitting UV-C radiation

UV- C radiation is much more effective than any other sanitizing products such as the chemicals, disinfectant like bleach, etc. These chemicals can harm your health also. Spraying any device or gadget for sanitization purposes can damage your device internally. This process of emitting such radiation kills multiple harmful micro organisms perfectly.

This mechanism uses UV- C light to sterilize any item, so this is also a very quick and sudden process. This sanitization box can disinfect anything within 10 minutes.

Why is this gadget mentioned as the second name in my list?

The answer lies in its perfect characteristics.

Attributes of this gadget:

  1. It sterilizes products like masks, gloves, mobile phones, laptop, newspaper, cash, etc in a very sudden way.
  1. Materials used in the manufacturing of this gadget are of high quality
Some details about its constituents and the technology used-
  • Triple layered, true lining is used in the manufacture of this box. It is a TruV(s) lab tested. 
  • Teflon, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a high grade fabric which is used to provide a waterproof function to any gadget or device. This fabric is coated in this sanitization box. The coating of this fabric also prevents the gadget from dirt, dust, moisture, etc. 
  • This gadget uses TRU lining which ensures the zero leakage of UV radiation, as it can affect your body very adversely. But this problem is not with this gadget.
  • This sanitization bag can easily be folded into a small size, which will provide you a great comfort to carry it anywhere.
  • An incredible material which is known as TRU- safe thick UV blocking clear material is used in the making a peep hole, through which you can view inside the box during the sanitization process with a great ease, and the speciality is that through this hole exposure of UV radiation is zero percent, which ensures your safety.
  1. Verification or certifications-  This is certified by ISO 9001- 2015, and verified by the ACE test labs.

Some of the achievements are CSIR- CSOI and CE certificate awarded by GAAFS. US credited QVA certification, Maryland Washington, DC.

  1. A powerful disinfectant technology is used which includes a 254 nm UV- C light.
  1. Dimension of this product–  15 inch × 12 inch × 8 inch, (length× breadth× height).
  1. HOME 360 has provided a 6 month warranty to the customers.
  1. Lightweight and can be easily portable anywhere.
  1. The Setup process is not so bulk.


  • Can be carried anywhere easily.
  • Well spacious for sanitizing items like milk packets, devices, etc.
  • Trustworthy and Well certified brand.


  • Direct exposure or direct contact inside the gadget can be harmful.
  • Not for children.

[Note- Keep this gadget away from children.]

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The third one is also a sanitization box, but with some new features, and of a new brand. KHUSHBU UV sanitizer is very useful in disinfecting ornaments, books, currency, masks, any packed food item, and even fruits and vegetables. 

This device also uses the UV radiation in the sanitizing process. If taking it genetically, this device emits the UV radiation of wavelength 254nm approximately which can kill the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), RNA(Ribonucleic Acid) of the bacteria, any kind of virus, and all the microbes within a minute.

Aren’t you interested in being aware of the amazing specifications of this gadget?

Attributes of this gadget:

  1. Fast process– This device can disinfect anything in just 20 minutes with a technology of automatic disinfecting.
  1. If you are willing to sanitize the currency, then it provides you a nice capacity. You can add about 3000 notes (30 bundles, 100pcs/bundle).
  1. Power source of this device – 220 V/ 50 Hz/240 V.
  1. You can sanitize almost all the items such as currency, jewellery, gloves, keys, masks, mobile phones, laptops, etc.
  1. KHUSBHU brand has provided a special offer on this product i. e, free 5 litre of hand sanitizer, 5 free face masks, 10 free gloves.


  • No use of harmful chemicals. 
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Not so complex mechanisms either in the installation process, or in the operating process.


  • Keep away from kids.

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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-4.png


Now, the most important and the most needed product in the offices, homes, police stations, hospitals, etc during this pandemic is none other than a sanitization tunnel, through which when you pass, it will sanitize your whole body. It can be used in offices, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, etc.

MANGOPIE is providing a whole sanitization kit, which you can easily install as a sanitizing tunnel. All the components in the kit such as the motor, the PIR sensor, Power supplier are of best quality.

I think the above mentioned paragraph has given you a bit information about the product. 

Now, let’s jump to the features and details of the amazing product MANGOPIE Sanitization kit.

Attributes of this product:

  1. MANGOPIE presents a full body sanitization kit which includes a PIR motion sensor, pump for power supply with 125 PSI booster, wires or pipes, a drinking bird, and Five nozzles.
  1. This sanitization kit consists the following-
  • PIR Motion Sensor– This sensor works in a way that when any spectral motion occurs in the range of the sensor, it will detect the infrared radiation emitting from the humans and starts the sanitization process. It has a lux set up mode, and also a timer. You can set the custom timing.
  • This comes with a complete wired process and by 5 MT wires in both the sides for Power and pump of 220V.
  • The 5 nozzles- 0.02 mm mist nozzles are provided with this product in which 4 of them are lock mist tees type and 1 push lock end mist elbow of plastic clamps. Maximum water pressure which supports upto 5 nozzles is 125 PSI. Mountable plugs suitable for 220 V which includes Nylon cable tie is also given.
  • Pump and it’s feature– AC Inlet Fitting is ¼” Hose and outer fitting which is related to the connector is ¼”push lock. The pump can be used with any container which has a capacity of storing base disinfectant such as Sodium Hypochlorite.
  1. It performs a very fast process, as it can sanitize a body within 10- 15 seconds.
  1. The Five nozzles are made up of stainless steel which will help in the prevention from the further rust.
  1. A warranty of 6 months in the pump and SMPS, a type of power supply will be provided by the seller.
Steps to install:

  • Unbox the product after receiving. 
  • Resemble all the things.
  • Start fitting the pipes with the provided nozzles.
  • Set up the PIR sensor by cutting the SMPS wire from the middle and connecting it to the DC (Direct Current) side of the sensor.
  • Prepare the pump by fitting the pipes into the nozzles on either side of the pump. Connect it to the AC (Alternate Current) side of the SMPS.
  • Now, check your whole setting once again and proceed to make a sanitization tunnel, or you can fit this mechanism in the doors also.

[Note: Use the teflon tapes to avoid the leakage.]


  • Works smartly and quickly.
  • Sanitizes the whole body.
  • Installation is not a very tough process. You can easily install it by yourself, if you are having a bit of information about electric currents and all.
  • Not much costly.


  • Can’t be much portable, when converted into a tunnel.

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This gadget is also an awesome invention in the field of sensor related objects. As per the present situation the manufacturers of the brand SELF ZONE  have designed a contactless hand sanitizing machine. This machine works on the sensing principle.

This gadget senses our hands and disinfects our hands by using diluted gel based sanitizer, liquid alcohol based sanitizer. 

I think this gadget should be present in our homes, shopping malls, offices, etc.

Some features of this gadget are as follows- 

Attributes of this gadget:

  1. Uses alcohol based sanitizer, even you can add any sanitizer of your own choice into the tank.
  1. A very advanced technology, which uses contactless disinfectant mechanism.
  1. Provided with a big and spacious tank of 5.5 litre.
  1. Dimension of this product: 80 cm × 34 cm × 34 cm. 

Weight: 4 kg.


  • Easy installation. Less time consuming in the process of installation.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Automatic sensors of hands are provided.


  • A bit costly but a high quality product.
  • Not relevant to sanitize objects or things.
  • No warranty approval.

Buy similar products online-

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is unnamed-4.png


On the whole, It is very clear that the virus doesn’t have a brain, but we’re the ones with the brain. This virus is a biological entity that instructs the cells, when enters the body, to produce more viruses. So, in this situation we have to take some measures to get rid of it. Sanitizing yourself is the best and the most important part in the prevention of COVID-19 and any other harmful microbes. In this blog, I have come up with 5 best sanitization items which are very helpful in fighting against this virus. These are like weapons against this global microbe enemy. You can choose any of the above, all are of high quality.

{All these products are made in INDIA.}


Are these gadgets verified?

All the above mentioned gadgets are specified, verified and well lab tested from the trusted institutions.

What is the affordability status of these gadgets?

They are not so costly. Any one with a middle income status can buy this.

What about the durability?

They are 100% durable, as the materials used in the manufacturing of these products are very strong.

Where would we get these?

You can easily get these on Amazon.

What is the availability status?

As per the current situation, these gadgets will be sooner out of stock. So, If you are in need of such an item, then hurry up. 


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