In this era, where unwanted diseases are coming along with us,our supreme focus should be on our health. When you lack good health, Everything else in your life suffers. It’s harder to concentrate and work. Illness can cause you to fall behind in coursework. If you want to do well in all areas of your life,you must make your health a priority.

When we hear about health,we automatically start thinking about our immune system and why not, afterall all the pressure of fighting against diseases and infections caused by pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and other harmful microorganisms is on our immune system. 

All the parts of our body that help us fight against diseases and help improve our immunity are collectively named as ‘Immune System’. Hence,it is necessary to boost out our immunity system by naturally made Immunity boosters that help us increase this ability to fight against unwanted diseases. 

As far as I know, health is the uttermost factor on which no one would want to take risk on, hence,for protecting our body from bacterias isn’t it important to boost our Immunity system so that we can live a healthy life ahead? 

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Without thinking,the answer would be Yes. Evidently,In this generation, everyone is rushing like their train would leave if they would not get in time and why not,work is as important or more important for living a good lifestyle and for this you need to be healthy along with strong immune system so that pathogens would not harm your health by making you sick. 

Just wonder,if we would have power to ‘stop ageing’, whom would you like to stop?

Ofcourse, our parents and loving grandparents. Age is the only certain thing we can’t stop with respect to time. With age, however, our immune system stops functioning to its maximum potential. With age,Just as muscles and bones start getting loosen and weaker so as the immunity cells present in our body. It may become slower to respond to the pathogens and the number of immune cells produced in the body may reduce, prolonging the healing time. We can’t stop ageing but we can definitely provide them a long and healthy life by giving them our naturally made pure immunity boosters.

Hence, Immunity boosters not only protect you from the flu or common cold but from something more serious like diabetes or cancer. Strong immune system can help you defend your body against them.

We all know, we are struggling through a global pandemic Covid-19. This virus is more deadly to people with lower immunity and chronic health conditions. In such a case,all the people around should focus on how to make their immune system strong and live their life without furrows on their heads. A better immune system will also help in sooner recovery even if the virus has been contracted.


1) Immunity boosters prevent our body from various diseases and pathogens. 

2) Immunity boosters can also help in strengthening the body from within. 

3) They will help speed up your body’s healing process. 

4) It is not possible to take all the nutrients,vitamins, proteins altogether or in a proper manner. Hence, taking immunity boosters will overcome this problem by providing all the multivitamins in one tablet. 

5) They keep you energized and will make you more productive all day and long. 

6) It also helps in maintaining other aspects of well being like maintaining body weight, blood pressure, digestion, body growth, healthy cholesterol and what not. 

7) Immunity boosters can enhance your will-power also by controlling your nervous breakdowns. 


Many times, it is not possible for us to cover all the essential vitamins and minerals in our natural diet. And, our regular diet may sometimes fail to provide the body with all the vital immunity boosters. That’s exactly where dietary supplements can help you. 

By providing you all the nutrients in one tablet. Immunity boosters, as the name suggests, are specifically designed to enhance immunity and can replenish all the necessary nutrients required by your body.

What you will get to know in this blog?

Frankly saying, our team researched a lot to give you the best information we can and in addition we used it too so that there would be nothing left we couldn’t give you.

 In this blog,you will get to know about the ‘5 best Immunity Boosters‘ one can ever use. You can use it without any hesitation,we Know it is difficult to believe on someone if it comes to your health but after using this you would feel better than before. 

Introducing you to the best ‘5 Immunity Boosters’:






Let’s look at some of the best immunity boosters that will help you live disease free life!!



Nature’s way is famous for its manufacturing of dietary and vitamin supplements. This brand is well known for it’s wide-ranging offerings of standardized extracts,whole herbs, multivitamins and minerals and homeopathic remedies. This is a trustworthy brand that helps improve the health and wellness of others. 


This is a daily supplement consisting of essential nutrients,minerals,vitamins but specifically made with vitamin C and zinc to support healthy immune function. It has a great taste which will also be liked by childrens. It rejuvenates the body. It has been traditionally used as a winter remedy for the immune system made with their unique,full spectrum black elderberry extract,which has been tested and shown to be active within the body.

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Form: Gumies

Count: 60


1) Dietary supplement.

2) Vegetarian product.

3) Benefits of all vitamins in one gummy.

4) No artificial sweeteners,berry flavored gummy. 

5) Great tasting.

6) Gluten and Gelatin free.

7) Triple action immune blend.


1) If pregnant, nursing or taking any medications consult a healthcare professional before use. 

2) You have to spend a little more for your good health. 



Healthkart is considered as one of the best brands for health and fitness for men and women. They provide everything from genuine protein supplements to vitamins smoothly at affordable prices. Half of the supplement market is flooded by fake steroids and when you shop from them be sure it is 100% genuine, without any junk. This brand will provide you with what you need and you no longer have to hunt for your supplements.


Healthkart immunity booster is exactly what your body needs .It has  tablets that are formed from amla, giloy, tulsi, ashwagandha, curcumin with antioxidant and atomic number 30 which can look out of your health. 

  • Ashwagandha and giloy modulate the body’s defense mechanism by activating immune cells like lymphocytes and macrophages.
  • Additionally, giloy is active against a good variety of bacteria that causes infections and ashwagandha shows anti-inflammatory drug action that helps manage pain and inflammation. 
  • Curcumin will decrease the severity of sickness by activating varied immune cells. 
  • Tulsi will increase the activity of detoxification enzymes like hemoprotein P450 that helps deactivate harmful substances.
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Manufacturer – BACFO PHARMACEUTICALS (India) ltd. 

Form – Tablets

Units – 60


1) Affordable.

2) Vegetarian product. 

3) Unflavored tablets.

4)  Contains Amla which helps in improving glowing skin and hair along with boosting immunity. 

5) Tulsi helps in treating various types of infections and also helps in deactivating toxins present in your body. 

6) Regular consumption of this Immunity Booster will also help in growth, development and repair of tissues of the body. 

7) Ashwagandha helps in controlling pain and inflammation. 

8) Vitamin-E present in this also acts as an antioxidant which helps in preventing infections. 

9) Contains vitamin-A, it maintains the proper function of heart,lungs and eyes. 

10) Amla also helps in burning fat

11) Supplements loaded in this are mostly found in ayurvedic supplement.


1) It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting or increasing the dosage. 



Farganic is an organic food brand trying to nourish people with wholesome chemical-free food. From health food to energy boosting beverages,they have a wide range of originally produced foods for everyday consumption. 

The idea of brand Farganic was born during the trip to America by their directors. They realized that no standards are being maintained in Indian organic food industry. People here are selling herbal and naturally grown products under organic labels. To provide 100% certified organic products to the people,the brand Farganic was born. Today man has abandoned the natural ways of food production and has began using chemicals and became habitual of food processed to an unrecognizable form. Hence, their motive is to deliver a real ,natural or ‘desi’ product along with the company spirit and honesty.

  • We all know how  ‘Desi Nuskha’ has been working on us for generations. Exactly this is what ‘AYUSH KADHA’ is, naturally made up from organic supplements.
  • It’s ingredients are Black Pepper(Kali mirch), dry ginger powder(saunth), Basil powder(Tulsi powder) and cinnamon powder( dalchini powder).
  • Ayush Kadha is an immunity herbal drink formulated by the Ministry of Ayush for developing immunity and prevention of viral attacks, especially Covid-19. It is an immunity booster and improves metabolism
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  •  It is suggested to drink Ayush Kadha double everyday, once within the morning before breakfast and once after dinner, before attending to bed. It is a concoction of Ginger, cinnamon, black Pepper, long pepper, Tulsi, salt and jaggery.
  • Add one teaspoon of Ayush Kadha in a warm water cup and mix it properly. Consume twice daily. Contemporary lemon might be supplemental l as per your style. Raisins are often had beside this drink that helps in cooling the body.

1) Easily affordable. 

2) Vegetarian product.

3) Contain black pepper which inhibits the growth of several bacteria.

4) Contain Ginger which eases flu and common cold, eases digestive process, helps in reducing cholesterol level, and fights cancer.

5) Contain Tulsi which protect against nearly all infections from viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

6) Contain Cinnamon,it prevents blood platelet clumping, inhibits inflammatory substances, and can regulate blood sugar.

7) Reconnect people to nature.


1) This concoction does not claim to be a treatment for Covid-19.



In the world of nutrition and fitness, Muscleblaze is that one name you can’t ignore. It is an Indian brand that deals in sports nutrition supplements, established in 2012. Muscleblaze offers wide quantity nutritional supplements like whey protein, mass gainer, weight gainer, BCAA, fish oil, Immunity boosters, multivitamins, fat burners and many more at affordable prices. 

Muscleblaze products is India’s first clinically tested supplements which is tested and proven for Indian bodies. 

This brand offers you products with assured purity, strict quality checks, effective results. 

  • MB- Multivitamin is not only pocket-friendly but effective and is perfect for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.
  • It is a potent blend of 25 vital vitamins and minerals that speed up the muscle recovery process and fulfils your micro-nutrient requirements. This MB- vite tablet contains 100% RDA of Immunity boosters such as Vitamin- C, D, E, folic acid, zinc, copper, selenium that supports immune functions of your body to enhance your overall health.
  • Made with premium ingredients that are FSSAI & HACCP ( Identify weakness in the preparation and production of food).
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1) Affordable.

2) 25 vitamins & minerals.

3) 100% RDA of all 13 Vitamins.

4) 100% RDA of zinc and copper.

5) Boost immunity.

6) Enhance energy.

7) Digestive enzymes. 

8) Builds stamina and metabolism. 

9) Fulfill micronutrient deficiencies.


1) Mostly Prefer by Athletes, bodybuilders and active gym-goers.



Velicia India offers a large range of health products. All their products are manufactured following FSSAI rules & regulations. Their mission is to offer their customers the highest quality health products and to increase the access and availability of their healthcare products in both urban and rural India at affordable prices.


Velicia Immunity plus tablets are made with only the best, premium and natural ingredients and are manufactured to quality standards. These capsules are pure and the formulation is approved by the department of Ayush for the Immunity of our body to protect us from viruses

The main ingredient of this supplement is Giloy and Ashwagandha which is purely herbal and has no side effects. 

  • Giloy – Giloy is one of the best herbs, makes your immune system stronger, considered effective in treating fever, helps in managing diabetes, makes your respiratory system stronger and is even known for its anti-ageing properties. 
  • Ashwagandha – Being a powerful adaptogen, it enhances the body’s resilience to stress. Ashwagandha improves the body’s defense against disease by improving the cell-mediated immunity. It also possesses potent antioxidant properties that help protect against cellular damage caused by free radicals.
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1) Not expensive.

2) Herbal extracts.

3) No side effects. 

4) Approved by the Ministry of Ayush.

5) Vegetarian product.

6) Active ingredients.

7) Daily immunity support.

8) Ayurvedic Proprietary medicine. 


1) None.


The main purpose of an immune system is to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Without it, they would have free reign and you would be constantly falling ill. Sometimes, our immune system can overreact and even attack our body’s own cells. It is important to take care of our Immune system to fight back.

Hence, our team researched a lot and got you the best 5 Immunity Boosters which not only enhance your system but give you the Healthy lifestyle. 


1) Why do we need Immunity Boosters? 

It is not possible to take all the nutrients,vitamins, proteins altogether or in a proper manner. Hence, taking immunity boosters will overcome this problem by providing all the multivitamins in one tablet and prevent you from unwanted diseases.

2) How do I Know which Immunity Booster is good for me? 

You can make a prediction by glance at the product’s label and ingredient list.

3) What causes Illness? 

Infectious diseases are disorders caused by the organisms — such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Therefore, Immunity Boosters prevent us from them and make us free from diseases. 

4) What can I do to stay well? 

Don’t smoke , exercise daily, healthy diet,  adequate sleep along with herbal immunity booster.

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