Hair is the glory of our personality. Isn’t it?  Well, no doubt, it is important! It should be essential to take some time from our priorities and give it to nourish the hairs.

We, the teenagers, working women, along with homemakers generally can’t make time to look after our hair, and obviously we think that we already got a lot to deal with, plus this hair thing also! Am I right?

As mortals, we think that our hair will grow naturally and get nourished even after we do not take care of it. No lies, I used to think so before I surfed a lot on the internet. So, I must say our hair is as important as we give preference to our skin.

Nevertheless, we can’t put a stop to environmental factors which affect the cuticles of hair such as strong sun, temperature variations, and changes in air humidity. Because of this environmental and global pollution, the hair changes its properties, such as it loses its shine and suppleness, becomes dry and brittle, and in some cases its strength is impaired. All we can do is that we can mend our hair again after being damaged, and can stop being harmed.

Sick of bad hair day, Right?

Well, there may be days when you feel like it’s getting out of control, especially when you’re going out. It is never late to start something and you can gain back control in just a few days — that’s through a proper hair care routine. Routine sounds like we got a lot to do but trust me, you just have to keep things in mind whenever it comes to hair.

* Would like to suggest some remedies,  which I personally adopted and reached out a boon for my hair!!



As we grew up, we started forgetting Oiling, which is the best food we can give to hair for better nourishment. It hydrates the hair and prevents frizz, and also provides nutrients to hair, for healthy and strong hair.

You can prefer Almond oil and olive oil which contains vitamin E and fatty acids which create a barrier around Cuticles, preventing moisture loss.

Oil your hair one night before — It is suggested that, oil your hair one night before washing so that it absorbs properly, and helps stimulate the scalp and hair follicle to promote hair growth.

Hot oil massage — You can just warm your oil for 40 secs, and apply it to the scalp, hair and ends for protecting and nourishing dry and brittle hair.

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Don’t purchase any shampoo you see in TV ads, they are meant to be designed to attract customers and show exaggerated results. In addition to this, purchase sulphate and paraben free shampoo. These are the chemicals, and preservatives used as a cleaning agent which can cause redness, irritation and seek natural oil from your scalp.

Dilute the shampoo — The harsh truth is that shampoo strips out the natural oil from your scalp, leaving it dry. To prevent that, you can add 2-3 pumps of shampoo in half a mug of water to wash your hair.

Gently massage — While shampooing does not rub your head harshly, it may weaken the roots, and lead to hair fall. It is recommended to massage your scalp with your finger tips, for less hair fall.

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Hence, shampoo opens up the hair cuticles, conditioner seals it back up. Putting nutrients in and pollutants out. Help in smoothening, strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage, hair loss, and even split ends.

Detangle your hair — After applying conditioner you can comb your hair, prefer, wide-toothed comb to detangle knots.

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Blow drying your hair is not good. Study found that the heat of the dryer can cause more damage than not using one. If it is necessary, if you have to go out, use dryers from the right distance and temperature, it will cause less harm.

Let it dry naturally.

• This is a new way — Conventional towels are not soft and wet hair is more fragile, needs delicate cloth. You can prefer your old soft top which is not in use and use it as a towel.

Do not sleep with wet hair — Sleeping with wet hair could also result in more tangles and breakage of hair. It also tends to a funky mane in the morning.


 Hairs attract more pollutants and dirt than any other parts of the body. If not cleaning on a regular basis gradually weakens the roots, hairfall and dandruff and so on.

Wash at least twice a week according to your hair type — If oily, you can wash in consecutive days. If dry, wash your Hair twice a week with mild shampoo.


Girls should trim their hair every 6-8 weeks to avoid split ends. Split ends happen when your hair becomes weak and rough, especially by more use of a hair dryer, change in weather conditions and chemical products. These split ends stop your hair from growing more, so it is important to get rid of it.

Prevent split ends

  •  Use comb instead of brush.
  • Use branded with the quality heat styling tools.
  • Proper use of blow-dryers. Good if no use.
  • Limit hair damage.
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  • Wear caps : Just as we put sunscreens before stepping out in the sun to hinder UV rays, likewise wear hair caps. UVA and UVB rays can damage the outer cover of your hair called Cuticle and damage come in the form of discoloration, white hair, dry and brittle, thin and frizziness.

Don’t tie your hair tight : Don’t make your ponytail tight, bands exert too much  pressure, and in the long run, causes breakage, even headaches, and sometimes hair loss if your hair is thin and dry.

No to rubber bands : Rubber band is not a hair tie, it pulls your hair so aggressively that causes breakage and hair fall. Instead of this, consider using one that is smooth and loose.


  • 3 liters of water a day : Water is a key ingredient that supports vitamins, which contribute to your hair growth. Believe it or not, but drinking at least 3 liters of water a day will help the strength of your hair because water makes up almost 25% of the weight of a single strand of hair.

Nutritious food : Your hair needs proteins, vitamins, biotin, iron, fatty acids, and all of this you can find at your home.

Dark green leafy vegetables, lentils, sweet potato, oranges, eggs, nuts, yogurt, carrot, lemon, seeds, and so on.

There is no best way other than changing your eating habits for glorious hair and skin.


1) STRESS : Stress can push hair follicles into a  phase called resting, where hair doesn’t produce new hair strands. Over time, stress causes hair fall out more easily, even if you’re just washing, combing, or touching it.

2) CHLORINATED WATER : Cover your hair while you’re in the swimming pool. It might make it feel dry and damaged.

3) HOT WATER SHOWER : Hot water may not directly cause hair loss, but it affects the health of your scalp and causes weaker strands and starts breaking off.

4) HAIR STYLING AND CHEMICALS : Hair products are often filled with toxic chemicals like sulphate and parabens, that give your hair initial and short-term gratification, but cause more bad than good, as in the long run, these ingredients can be extremely harmful to your hair.


It will take a small-time to think about your hair before you’re experimenting with it. Your hair needs care with delegacy, and it’s in your hand that it will look the same as it were when you were in your growing age. Keep these remedies in mind and boom you will get the hair you want!!



1) What should I do for long hair?

Just conditioning and shampooing isn’t enough to keep your hair healthy. What you eat also matters, you need to schedule regular trims, avoid tight ponytails, oiling is important.

2) How frequently should I wash my  hair? 

Washing hair depends upon what type of hair you own. If you have oily hair, you should wash it on consecutive days and if dry or normal, you can wash twice a week.

3) Is it necessary to use a conditioner after shampooing?

Yes, shampoo cleans the scalp at the same time leaves the hair dry. Shampoo works on the scalp , cleans the dirt and oil and opens the hair cuticle while the conditioner locks the protein and seals it back, giving the hair a smooth and shiny look.

4) What is the cause of dandruff and hair fall?

Twisting the scalp, aggressively brushing it and scratching the scalp causes flaky skin on the head. Often causes weaken the hair roots. Use anti-dandruff shampoo without sulphate and parabens.

5) How to protect one’s hair?

Avoid washing your hair daily, it strips out the natural oil present in the scalp. Prevent using hair dryers, straighteners and curlers and if using a heat tamer to reduce damage. Properly apply oil and use caps while going out in exposure of sun.


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