Diabetes will strike anyone, from any walk of life. And it will – in numbers, that area unit dramatically increase.

Diabetes may be a serious complicated condition which may have an effect on the complete body. Diabetes needs daily self care and if complications develop, diabetes will have a big impact on quality of life and may cut back anticipation.

Unfortunately, most of the people around the world believe that there’s no cure for the matter. The sole hope for Diabetic patients? they need to remain patient throughout all the symptoms that they experience and do their best to boost their scenario by suggesting that of taking over-the-counter medication.

Now what if you’re told that there’s truly some way that you simply will influence the symptoms of diabetes better?

The answer is affirmative, here is the answer for you.

Diabexy Diabetic Sugar Free Breakfast Bar Food Supplement is associate 100% natural and safe which can assist you from this chronic disease.

Sugar-free breakfast bar


What is it?

Diabexy sugar free breakfast bar may be a diabetic nutrient complete that provides Low Glycemic load food product for diabetic persons.

Glycemic load of a food item is a crucial and effective biological process parameter as a result of which it recommends what proportion quantity of a food item can result in increase the blood glucose level.

While, we are able to estimate the glycemic load of a nutrient one glycemic load is adequate 1 gram aldohexose and can increase blood glucose by twenty points. A calculable Glycemic load of suji twice-baked bread is fifty six per 100g which suggests it’ll increase blood glucose by 1120 points.

Estimated Glycemic load of Diabexy Breakfast Bar simplifies simply four which suggests it’ll increase blood glucose level by just eighty points.

It implies that Diabexy breakfast Bar has ninetieth less impact on blood glucose level than traditional suji twice-baked bread.

One should manage his daily dietary glycemic load to manage diabetes.

Therefore, each bite of food is very important for managing blood glucose level of a diabetic person. Early morning tea time snack is extremely necessary to stay blood glucose level below check.

Diabexy Diabetic Breakfast Bar provides a very Low Glycemic Load morning tea snack especially designed for a diabetic person. Replace your twice-baked bread with Diabetic Breakfast Bar as a result of it’s terribly low glycemic load.

You can dunk the Diabexy breakfast bar into tea, the method you dunk twice-baked bread. Our mission at Diabexy is to assist folks to measure a diabetes free life. It took the USA over ten years of analysis and development to develop Low Glycemic Load food products.

Thus, we have a tendency to believe that it’s potential to reverse diabetes with the assistance of healthy consumption habits and disciplined life-style.

Diabexy sugar free breakfast bar


Replace twice-baked bread

Diabexy Diabetic Breakfast Bar is a wonderful choice to replace with twice-baked bread as a result of it tastes nice and you’ll be able to dunk it in tea like twice-baked bread. It’s an occasional glycemic load morning tea choice for diabetic people.

Glycemic load of different choices like twice-baked bread or biscuits is extremely high. Beginning your day with a low glycemic load eatable may be a nice plan to stay blood glucose in check.

Low glycemic load

The calculable glycemic load of twice-baked bread or Maida Cookies ranges between 50-60 per one hundred metric weight unit. Calculable glycemic load of Diabexy Diabetic Breakfast Bar is simply four per 100g that is ninetieth lesser than different choices like twice-baked bread and cookies.

It implies that Diabetic Breakfast Bar can have a ninetieth lesser impact on blood glucose level compared to twice-baked bread or traditional Maida cookies. Count your daily glycemic load for higher blood glucose management.

No sugar, No maltodextrin

The sweetener utilized in Diabexy Breakfast Bar is fructooligosaccharide that may be a style of fiber that is good in style. It doesn’t get metabolized within the body and flushed out while not poignant blood glucose.

Estimated Glycemic load of Fructooligosaccharide is simply one as against one hundred ten the calculable glycemic load of maltodextrin. A product created with maltodextrin ought to be avoided by a diabetic person as a result of it’s terribly high glycemic load.

Cow blood serum protein 

Diabexy Breakfast Bar is formed to exploit foreign cow blood serum protein from New Zealand. different sources of macromolecule used area units pure balmy and seeds. Diabexy breakfast bars may be a wealthy supply of macromolecules and healthy fats.

Protein is a crucial nutrient for a diabetic person. It provides strength to muscles and doesn’t influence blood glucose levels abundant.

Good for each type1 and type2 diabetes

Low glycemic load food is nice for each kind of diabetics. They don’t increase blood glucose like traditional food products. The calculable Glycemic Load of Diabexy Diabetic Food product is 80-90% but traditional food product. dominant blood glucose level is straightforward with a low glycemic load diet.


• Balanced the blood glucose level

• All natural product

• Rich in protein

• No extra sugar


• No convenience of offline service, you’ll be able to solely get this product in online i.e. Amazon

• Result of this product could vary person to person

Diabetic sugar free breakfast bar

Final verdict

Diabexy Diabetic Sugar Free Breakfast Bar Food Supplement is a great product for anyone who wants to relieve himself of the many symptoms that diabetes brings along.

The product helps to improve your health and lifestyle. The best part of this diabetic is all the approaches that it mentions are 100 % natural and pose no severe harm to your health.



  1. Are there any side effects?

No, there are no severe side effects, the product is 100% natural and safe.

  1. From where you can buy this product?

You can buy this product from Amazon.



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