In the present era, it is very easy to find something related to health, almost every being is aware about the stuff related to health consciousness. This awareness is very important, but parallel to the health factor there is one more factor which has become a matter of little bit ignorance as compared to health. But that factor should be taken care of simultaneously with the health factor.

The factor, about which I have mentioned in the above paragraph is none other than one’s looks, one’s personality. This is also very important.

So, If we talk about men, then the most appropriate part which can enhance the personality of men is the beards, a well and fully grown beards. Beards also contribute to give a strong and matured appearance to men.

Beard is not only responsible for enhancing the looks but it also throws several positive impacts in the face.

Beard acts as a protective layer for the face to protect it from any external damages, It hides the pimples, or acne of the face, protects your skin from getting rough and many more.

But, not everyone is able to grow a perfect and fully grown beard, many of us suffer from the issue of patchy beards, many suffer from the repeated growing of hair fossils, etc. Even some people are teased by their friends for not growing the beards. And this hurts the most.


Isn’t it?

So, Are you getting teased by your friends as you have the patchy beards? Aren’t you worried about this issue?

If yes, then stop worrying, I am here with my blog which is especially for men in which I have mentioned a very awesome product which can definitely be helpful for solving your beard growth related problem. It’s a beard oil which is very effective for your beard growth.

USTRAA has come up with a very effective beard oil which is known as “USTRAA BEARD GROWTH OIL ADVANCED”. The manufacturers added such great ingredients that guarantee you a perfect and fully grown beard. The ingredients used in this product are natural and no harmful chemicals are added. This oil also provides nourishment to the face and helps in moisturizing the skin.

So, let’s explore some features and details of this product.


1. USTRAA beard oil is very effective in the most stubborn roots and helps in boosting the beard growth.

2. It also helps in boosting a sex hormone which is responsible for the pubertal change such as growth of body hair, beards, etc. This hormone is known as DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). USTRAA beard oil is also known as DHT booster.

3. Natural, healthy and very effective ingredients are used in this oil, such as:

  • Gooseberry oil (Amla) – It contains Vitamin C which helps your beard to maintain its shiny appearance. Makes the beards thicker and lustrous.
  • Watermelon seed oil – This ingredient is filled with antioxidants, Vitamin A and E which helps to repair the radical damage and provide nourishment to the skin.
  • Redensyl which is a hair growth galvaniser is also added in this product. This ingredient is very much responsible for fast hair or beard growth.

4. No harmful chemicals are added to it. Addition of harmful chemicals such as silicon, paraben, mineral oil and petroleum are not used in the manufacturing of this product.

5. Product Weight– 60g.

Product Dimension- (50 × 50 × 105)mm.



Positive Aspects:

  • Pure natural ingredients are used.
  • Low risk of side effects.
  • No harmful chemicals used.
  • Not much costly. Easily affordable.

Negative Aspects:

  • Demands patience. Takes time to show the results.

Now, there are some points which you should keep in mind while using this product.

Here are some of the steps for you to follow.

How to use:

1. Take the required quantity on your palm.

2. Rub against your beard, touching the skin.

3. Complete the process by applying it on the beards and moustache.

Note: Don’t apply this oil on the scalp or on any other body part, except your face.


So, In my opinion this product is perfect for converting your boring and patchy beard into an awesome and fully grown beard which would help in enhancing your look. I’ve gone through several research about this amazing product and ease your work by doing your research part.

By observing its specifications, I am sure about this product and the best part of USTRAA beard oil are it’s natural ingredients, that makes it a preferable product.

There is no doubt about this product. You can definitely go for it.


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ(s):

  1. On what basis we could prefer this?

On the basis of it’s nice specifications. The natural ingredients make it perfect to prefer.

  1. What about the affordability status?

It is not so costly. A pocket friendly product with great specifications.

  1. What are the leading parts of this product?

The leading points about this product are none other than it’s natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals are used, which leads to low risk of side effects.

  1. Where would we get this product?

You can easily find it on Amazon.


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