As much as I know, we girls only take care of our outer skin, but what about our Intimate areas? Sometimes it feels like irritation, dryness, itching, foul odour, and stickiness down there, we think that it’s normal but it isn’t. We ignore and fungal infections find their way to attack. 

The conventional method of washing vagina with regular soap and water is out of date and hazardous too. In this modern century, science has progressed a lot. Not everything can be used in several ways, our regular soap is made up of with a pH balance of more than 5.5 which is perfect for our outer skin, but the pH down there is 3.5 to 4.5 that is why every girl should use Intimate Hygiene wash. 


No matter what company is, but it should be made up of natural ingredients which will eventually give you a feeling of fresh vagina. It is a solution which is specifically designed to cleanse the intimate areas of women without causing any side effects.

  • Maintains pH level.
  • Prevents fungal infection and harmful bacterias. 
  • Helps in growth of good Bacteria called lactobacillus.
  • Prevent odour & stickiness.
  • Leaves Healthy vagina. 


The ideal age to start using intimate care products is when you start to attain puberty, when hormone levels change in your body, otherwise every woman can use this. Especially, who have a problem of dryness, itchiness, redness, odour, infections can use this without a second thought. Don’t ignore your problem when it comes to personal hygiene. If everything is good down there, your day will be good. 


You can use it while taking shower or after tinkle, it’s not hard and will not take time. 

1) Wash your hands with soap.

2) Squeeze out a few drops to form a lather.

3) Apply externally, wash with water and Pat dry.

4) We would recommend you to use a minimum 2 times in a day. 


1) Don’t use the inside of the vulva.

2) Don’t rub the area aggressively, you may cause irritation. 


Washing your intimate parts with soap and water is definitely not a good idea, it causes an imbalance in your vagina pH level. Intimate hygiene wash is specifically made for women’s private parts so there is no harm in using it daily. 


It is no more expensive than your other makeup products. You can easily afford it. It will give you the freshness you want, and get rid of the irritation down there. Buy it without a second thought, there are many popular hygiene wash products. 


We girls talk about everything that runs around, but not about our cleanliness of vagina. The solution of this timidness lies in Intimate Hygiene wash. This will not only maintain your pH level down there, but also, prevent fungal infections, grow good Bacteria, prevents odour and wetness and leaves your vagina feeling fresh. Every woman should try it once then you can feel the difference of before & after. 


1) What is the use of Intimate Hygiene Wash? 

After using an unhygienic toilet seat or before getting intimate with your partner or if you have any kind of itchiness, redness, dryness or infection you can use it. 

2) Do men need intimate wash? 

Yes, men need intimate wash as well. There are different hygiene washes available in the market for both men and women.

3) Is it important to use this product? 

Using this product is optional but it is good for your vagina if you use intimate wash for cleaning it. 

4) Does soap harm your vagina? 

It’s a good idea to avoid perfumed soap and shower gels as these can harm the healthy balance of bacteria and pH level of vagina. 

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