iPhone has always been a status symbol for most of the people, this is the reason, that whenever any new product is launched by Apple it becomes a burning topic. Recently Apple launched iPhone 12, and there is no less audience willing to buy this, but where there is news, there are memes.

Nowadays, the reason that the new iPhone is trolled by netizens through the means of memes is because of its high price and similarities with its earlier version (iPhone 5). It is also said that the iPhone 10,11 and 12, all look alike and have similar camera setup as iPhone 11. Because of this, memes related to “kidney”, “high price” are always in trend.


iPhone 12 Pro came with many features like a 6.10-inch display, 12 Mp front camera, 12+12+12 Mp rear camera, 64 G.B storage, IOS 14, and one of the most awaited updates for photography lovers, it came with night mode which now works with both the wide and ultra-wide lenses. But all these features are less, as per the quoted price, claimed by many companies. It is also said that the iPhone 12 is similar to the iPhone 5 with the same body, but with a modified camera.

With changing technology, we want more features in every new product, but then there is iPhone. Their displays are nowhere close to Samsung S20, speed is also slow as compared to One Plus 8, touch and camera are their only monopoly, which also nowhere justifies the price.


No doubt, Apple is a leading brand when it comes to smartphone manufacturing, but as it is said, great power comes with great responsibility, similarly, expectations are skyrocketing with every Apple product. Users are paying more than double or triple as compared to Android smartphones, so there is no harm if they want more features, but the new iPhone 12 is not even providing the basic charger, which is one of the reasons why it is being trolled by rival companies and customers. No doubt iPhone is a status symbol, but at present when the smartphone is a basic requirement for everyone, most of us expect a budget-friendly smartphone with the best features.

Presently, in the midst of cutthroat competition, many companies provide us with all these features at a reasonably low cost.

At this time, one of the luxurious phones like the iPhone 12 is launched without a charger or earphone, a fact which led to extensive trolling and an opportunity for its rival companies like Samsung, who took the benefits of mocking the company with some hilarious social media posts. Not just this, they also claim that they give what you need. From the most basic charger to the best battery, camera, memory and even 120hz refresh rate screen on a smartphone. Even they trolled Apple by sharing a picture of a black charger quoting “Included with your Galaxy”.

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