Life is all about essentials, and we are all working for our essentials. As in the past, it is very well said since the beginning that everyone among us is working as per our capacity to live our living and make our standard of living comfortable. As per the traditional following, the list of basic immediate needs includes 3 elements:

  • FOOD (including water)

Today, our main focus will on the the third element i.e. Clothing.



Clothes are the things that everyone was including from poor to middle class and even though to the richest person on the globe. The thing that makes everyone on the globe equivalent irrespective of caste, color, religion etc…

Clothing is what outshines you and makes you feel confident. A guy with good dressing is much more confident than that of one who has a bit of poor dressing. Clothes play a very important role in each and every part of our life and when it comes to our country the thing cloth is the base on which people have the opportunity to judge you on the basis of your wearing. Let it be your office , friends, family, functions, wedding ceremony, home gathering, get together whatever the case may be, clothes are what that makes you different from others and  makes you a separate attraction in those clubs of people.

 You must be very careful when it comes to buying clothes and you must choose the one which will definitely make you different and let you outshine in every perspective of life. So if you are looking to have some good fashion were you must check it out below as mentioned.


1. Spykar

Spykar is India’s best and leading jeans clothing brand for teenagers and youth. Spykar is symbolized with the phrase “Young and restless”.

Spykar was introduced to the universe in the year 1992 and has been outstanding in the field of the Clothing industry. And had made an impact able record in the field of youth fashion brands. Specially in the field of jeans denim and many other men’s as well as women fashion wear. Not only in writing. But Spykar has made its records in the practical field also. Geographically, it has increased its market to a very diversified area or crossed the length and breadth to each and every country. It has across 249 stores and over 1000 plus multi brand outlets are available in each and every big store.


Spykar, not only deals in quantity clothing, but it also have other focus towards the quality clothing with the quality of the clothes provided by this brand spykar Are so comfortable that it would be worn on each and every perspective, even at the summers, even if the winters, autumn or any other season as the case may be.the quality of the clothes are so breathable Let it be Cotton linens velvet …let it be any other quality or any other material of cloth which you prefer wearing. it will always make you feel comfortable, and will always give you an outstanding Look in the club of people in whichever function or whichever gathering you are going to. So Spykar is the one of the best brands of clothing available in India which you would prefer or which you could go for In my opinion.



2. Levi Strauss and Co.( Levi’s)

Levi Strauss and co. Popularly known as Levis, to the whole extinct of the world, which is not an isolated or a very new word for most of us. Everyone among us had once heard the band named as Levis, which is popularly known for its denim clothing, specially in the field of jeans. Levis was founded in the 1853 Germany migrant Levi Strauss went to San Francisco, California From Bavaria to open a Business Handled by his brother named as New York dry goods in the West Coast. The company’s corporate Headquarters is located in Levi’s Plaza in San Francisco, California.

Type –          Public.

Headquarters –         California.

Industry –        Clothing.

Area served –         Worldwide


Product –          Jeans

Brands –          Levis. Levi Strauss and Co. Dockers. Denizen by Levi’s. Signature by                Levis.

Operation –         Across 2800, company operated stores worldwide.

The company produces many other products except those of jeans. It deals in many other clotting factors and many other fashion wears such as. T shirts, jeans, shirts, womenswear, sportswear, underwear, undergarments. Eyewear and many more Whether it is a field of men fashion clothing or in the field of women fashion clothing, levis has always been outstanding in the field of fashion clothing as it’s not only old But also gold. The company Levis is popularly known for its  trademark with three digit number, that is the number 501. The company’s original design of modern age is available both for men as well as women. The rest of 500 series are designed for men and the remaining 300 400 700 and 800 series of design for women.

Everyone in my response is familiar with the brand Levis as everyone among us has once warned the brand in our lifetime. So we better know the Quality of this brand. It’s not a matter to be discussed, so I just want to say if you want to buy a clothing for quality and which would make you feel outstanding then you must go or you should go for the brand name Levis.





Mufti is an indian brand founded by an indian in India itself. Mufti is a Mumbai indian based clothing Brand founded by kamal kushani in the year 1998. The company commenced with a 10000 rupees loan from kushanis aunt. it’s jeans, T shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, footwears etc. and it owns across 1400 brand outlets across the country and 120 plus multi brand stores now.

 Mufti is a mid range affordable brand for most middle class and bit lower middle class people. Mufti is also that type of brand that deals in quality as well as quantity. Nowadays clothing includes footwear as well as accessories’ and both  demands are fulfilled by this fashion brand called Mufti.

It is getting very cool nowadays to wear branded clothes and mufti is playing an important role in making everyone a brand addict. It is coming on the top with a very pace rate with their versatility and trending fashion as well as footwear quality and styles.

Let’s get to know more about Mufti

Name Mufti

 Type.             –                Private company

Headquarters      –      Mumbai.

Founded in the year 1998.

Founded by    –             KAMAL KUSHAMI


Number of locations over 1400 stores and 120 brand outlets.

Product   –                Clothing

Brands    –                 Mufti jeans, Mufti shirts, Mufti footwear

Mufti started its footwear in December 2018. And in February 2019, it was recognized as the retailer of the year An award for Global. Award in retail excellence. Didn’t stop there. It also won. CMAI brand of the Year award. In the year 2015.


Mufti is not just a brand, it’s a trademark for India. Most of the Indians prefer wearing Mufti Just because of the comfort it provides underage of clothing that is provided to its customers and it’s just a value for money. Mufti is a brand preferred by most of the Indian just because of its Quality and price range. So if you’re planning to have some of the better clothing ideas you must visit the mufti store or a mufti outlet or have a mufti clothing  Outshine Like a celebrity In the clubbing Most of the indent celebrities prefer wearing mufti clothing. And even it has signed an agreement with Kartik Aryan to make him a brand ambassador of this brand. So in my opinion, Mufti is one of the best purchases or one of them. Impactable purchase one should have. In the field of clothing or fashion wear.


4. Allen Solly

Allen Solly is a brand initiated in India  Mudra fashion and lifestyle A subdivision of ADITYA BIRLA is one of the fastest growing Indian brands in the field of retail. Influencing Indian customers to buy the most prestigious and luxurious fashion wear even it be From mid range to lower range to the most luxurious and expensive fashion clothing. For Childrens, youth, Old man woman, and many more.

Mudra lifestyle is defined by its many brands. Named as van Huesan. Allen Solly Peter England Louis Philippe. Etc. and included in the  first fast youth brand people. Indian fashion brand Allen sorely covers the field of shirts, T shirts, polos, Tees, Jeans trousers, dress tops and many more. Popularly known for its initiative of introducing hip concepts to India, Known as Friday dressing.

Brand –       Allen Solly

Founded –      India.

Headquarters- Bangalore, India.

Founded in the year 1993.

It initiates and  tries to get inside the skin of the buyers and wants to provide for them. The best clothing. With their Friday dressing. Initiative and a very fashionable campaign. With a 30% growth rate per annum The company had set an Outstanding future ahead.

So if you’re planning to have some of the best clothing ideas for your children’s youth. Parents, grandparents. Menswear, womenswear footwear. You must go for the brand Allen Solly.


5. Pepe jeans London

Pepe Jeans London is a brand established for any casual jeans wear in the Portobello Road area in London in the year 1973 And Now Based in sant feliu de Llobregat spain.

Come and get to know more about this brand. Pepe Jeans London.

Brand Pepe –        Jeans London.

Founded in the year 1973.

Headquarters –      Sant feliu de Llobregat spain

Parent –      M1 Group.

Founder –      Nitin Arum and Milan shah

The brand emerged very fast and developed with a very fast rate and now it’s one of the best brand In the field of clothing and fashion wear. The brand was founded in London, but it has great impact in India as most of the Indians nowadays want to buy branded clothes and they prefer buying the cloth brand Pepe.

Pepe Jeans London. Have provided the customers versatile and variety of products diversified in each field such as denim jeans, shirts, Tees and In the field of fashion wear and fashion Pepe Jeans, London is playing a very important role as a brand name.

So in my opinion, Pepe jeans london is one of the products or one of the brands which every one among us should have or should go for and prefer buying the clothes brand name pepe jeans london.




Let’s wind up

So above I mentioned some of the best brands that you may prefer when you plan for buying clothing for your children or for yourself or for your family members. As we all know, clothing plays a very important role in each and every part of our life. So if you want to Outshine In every part of your life you must go for branded clothing and brands as the thing which will make you feel confident. And more Perfect in every field. The personality development includes clothing and clothing plays a very important role in personality development of a person so before buying the clothing you must check the above 5 brands as mentioned. There are many great thoughts sent by many great people related to clothing and fashion.

So I would just like to conclude it through a phrase very well said

         “You Can have anything in your life. If you dress for it.”


Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I prefer branded clothes instead of unbranded?

It’s totally up to your Identity or your personal thinking if you will wear brands, then people around you will have a great idea about you. They will Make an identity of yourself in their mind so that once you meet them again, they will always remember your personality through your clothing brands. So branded clothes are nowadays an essential, which one should prefer and when you are talking about unbranded clothes, the quality also matters. The quality of branded clothes are much better than those unbranded clothes, but It costs a little penny in comparison to the unbranded one. The branded clothes cost a penny more, but the quality is far better.

2. Are branded clothes expensive?

The answer to this question is absolutely no. It totally depends upon your purchase and you’re buying capacity. If you are buying luxurious products then it would definitely cost you more but if you want to buy clothes for daily use for your office workPlace. Family functions, colleges, etc. Then you must go for regular clothing and regular products. Let it be branded or Unbranded cost is approximately the same. But if you are going towards the luxurious one then you definitely have to pay more. But once you have them, you will definitely come to know about the difference between the branded and the unbranded one.

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