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Laptops are no more a kind of luxury because it has shifted its position from luxury to an important need. These days have become very much advanced because the word online has made its slaves to most of us. The word online requires some investment for its sake because one has to shift from their old diary or notebook to a new and advanced smartphone or a laptop. 

It depends upon the  nature of work that some would prefer a desktop while most of us will go for a laptop. So this blog is a kind of buying guide for the laptop lovers.

The laptops we use get obsolete very soon because of the introduction of new technologies or the advancement in the existing technology. These technologies include advancement in processors, storage, battery backup and many more. We see these days that almost every task is done online including office  work, education, online games, etc, so to carry on these work seamlessly we need to keep our gadgets future ready.


Don't you think choosing a new laptop is a hectic task?

The answer is yes and no both because some are capable of keeping themselves updated with the new arrivals with advanced features while some are not. But this blog will help a lot to these both kinds of buyer by adding some new list in  their mind.

I have come here with a deep analysis of 5 best laptops which I acknowledge  is best in performance and durability. This list is for a businessman who needs to manage daily accounts ,a school student  whose classes and exams have shifted from offline to totally online because of this pandemic i.e COVID 19, and a professional programmer or a game addict.

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The 5 best laptops are:

  1. DELL XPS 17

Lets dig into these masterpieces one by one-


Dell is famous for its eye catching  devices which include laptops and many more computer accessories. The manufacturer has presented a new XPS series under model number XPS 17 among us which is very much advanced as well as much better than the previous launches.

About the look:
  • Comes with  a 17 inch display which is full HD plus. One can have the best experience of  FHD+ videos  than ever before. Along with this the  infinity edge non touch display  adds much to its design. 
  • The display is very much safe for your eyes because of an anti glare coating. Also ,it has an ability within it to manage the harmful blue light rays..
  • A wonderful keyboard which  has light inside each key  will provide you a best feel while typing even in the dark.
  • The touchpad is also very much comfortable in scrolling or navigating.


About the performance:
  • If we talk about the processor then  the 10th gen intel core i7 which has the speed of 2.5 GHz   has excelled in every  processing test.
  • Along with this the 16GB RAM and 1 TB SSD also do exist.
  • If we take them all as a combined workforce then this laptop is a kind of boon for you. While running  40 to 50 tabs all together with an on net video stream, this device will not show any kind of slow down signal.
  • The SSD will save  your much more time than before while transferring large space files.
  • The device gets rebooted in a very short time,thanks to the solid state drive(SSD).
About the  graphics:
  • The  graphic processing unit is also much appreciable, named as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 along with the 4GB graphic card, ram size is perfect for gaming purposes.
  • You will add more to  your gaming experience while having this kind of  great graphic combination. 
  • Also it will accelerate the performance of applications while video editing,designing,etc
About the ports:
  • The ports include 4 lane thunderbolt 3 ports , an audio output jack of 3.5mm and a micro SD card reader.
  • The 4 lane  thunderbolt 3 ports can be used  as a display port as well as power supply port for charging,etc.

[Note: The device comes with windows 10 Operating system with its new and advanced improvements.]

Positive points to buy :
  • Perfect for gaming, streaming and creating.
  • Long battery life.(upto full day)
  • Dual fans to manage device heat.
  • Safety from harmful blue light.
  • An  inbuilt sensor to power on a device  in a very less time.
  • Face lock and a fingerprint power button to unlock the device.
  • Eco friendly.
  • Available in flexible pricing options.
  • A small as well as perfect pixels webcam.
  • Less in weight.
  • Good quality audio speakers (waves max audio).
Negative points to avoid :
  • Non touch display.
  • Lacks some legacy ports.
  • Expensive.

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HP being a multinational company,  famous in manufacturing computers and  its accessories since 1939 has again turned their customers intent  to  invest some money in their newly launched HP PAVILION GAMING 15 – dk0264TX. A perfect device to match your gaming and other multitasking needs.

About the look:
  • The 15.6 inch full hd display along with the anti glare protection make it a perfect and  full eye protective display.
  • A complete masterpiece with a shadow black colour and light weight adds a lot in its appreciation.
  • The keyboard with an attractive light on its back and a perfect size plus responsive touchpad can add more to your gaming and working experience even in the darkest room.
About the performance: 
  • The 9th gen intel core i5 processor which has speed measurement of 2.4 GHz (can achieve upto 4.1GHz with the help of intel turbo boost technology) is a perfect match  for smooth and steady work processing. 
  • In addition the 8 GB ram and 1 TB hard disk drive(HDD) is enough for running about 25-30 tabs with an on-net video stream or transferring large files in seconds. 
  • On the whole ,this device has  crossed almost  every performance test with appreciable points.


About the graphics: 

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB graphic card ram size is perfect for achieving a milestone in presenting high quality graphics while gaming or creating.

About  the ports: 

The ports include four USB 3.0 ports (for data transfer or as a display port), one HDMI port, one ethernet port and an audio output port for connecting headphone, earphone, etc. 

[Note: Feature the windows 10 operating system with latest  improvements]

Positive points to buy:
  • Light in weight.
  • Value for money.
  • Dual high quality speakers.
  • Available in various pricing options.
  • Good battery life.
  • Perfect combo for gaming and work processing.
  • Excellent heat handling setup.
  • High pixel webcam.
  • Not much expensive
Negative points to avoid:
  • Non touch screen.
  • A little dull display.
  • Lacks fingerprint scanner.

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Asus being a multinational company based in taiwan, is popular in manufacturing best quality laptops with advanced improvements. This time i have got a chance to review one of its latest gaming pro as well a multitasking combo named as ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS G14. It is one of the most less expensive and least size gaming laptops  in the market.

About the look:
  • The  14  inch full HD display is compiled with the high level brightness as well as  an anti glare  technology which keeps the viewer’s eyes  completely protected from the harmful blue light.
  • The bonus included is the dot matrix design in the back of the flap which one can use for displaying emojis, time, date, animation, etc.
  • The keyboard and the touchpad are also much appreciable,thanks to the white colour backlight within the keyboard and a perfect size touchpad with left/right click separation.
  • Additionally, The hinge support pushes the display little upward while leaving the keyboard to  rest upward at some angle providing a better feel while typing or viewing.
About the performance:
  • The AMD Ryzen 5 4600HS processor with the speed of 3 GHz along with the 8GB ram and 1 TB solid state drive(SSD) makes it a perfect  masterpiece while performing various tasks instead of  just gaming.
  • One can  run more tabs at a time without a single slowdown issue ,and besides this the file transfer and rebooting speed is also much faster, credit goes to the solid state drive.


About the graphics: 
  • Comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB graphic card ram size. This combo makes this device perform much better while gaming or creating.
  • The fan sound gets balanced automatically countering excess heat while running high power games.
About the ports: 

The ports  are normal in number including 4 USB 3.0 ports( including power and display port),an audio jack and a HDMI port.

[Note: Features the pre loaded windows 10 operating system with lifetime validity.]

Positive points to buy:
  • Upgradable ram.
  • Anti glare display.
  • Thin as well as light in  weight.
  • Metallic body.
  • Intelligent and advanced cooling system.
  • Fingerprint sensor.
  • Quad high quality speakers.
  • Perfect for gaming and creating purposes.
  • Long battery life.
Negative points to avoid:
  • Lack of a webcam.
  • Keyboard backlight is not much better.
  • Expensive for a normal user.

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Lenovo is a most preferred choice by most of us. Being a multinational company, its manufacturing division  has presented a lot of devices including computers, laptops and its accessories. Here is  a short review on one of their best creations falling under the yoga series of lenovo, named as LENOVO YOGA C940.

About the look:
  • The 14  inch display with a high resolution is perfect in nature, also the 4K ultra HD feature gives a lot of emphasis while viewing. One can easily choose between the modes for viewing.
  • In addition, the keyboard and touchpad have also some good things to acknowledge as the backlight combined with the curved keys and also the touchpad with advanced windows 10 gesture features like three finger swipe up, pinch to zoom, etc makes this laptop a perfect piece to have been  placed on your professional table.
About the performance: 
  • Equipped with the 10th gen intel core i7 processor with the base speed of 1.3GHz(can reach up to 3.9GHz ) along with  16GB ram and 1 TB solid state drive(SSD) is a true combination for tuning your work rate even more faster than before.
  • While passing all the performance tests,  this device detected  not even a single lagging or any kind of unnecessary interruption on running 20 plus tabs in which online videos were playing on its high quality.
  • The huge solid state drive(SSD) also saves much time of  yours while duplicating or transferring large files.


About the graphics:

The integrated graphical processing unit also works well enough while gaming but if you need to play more high quality games then  you may have to switch  for some discrete GPUs.

About the ports: 

The ports include two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI port and  an audio jack. All these ports are on the left side though they are very few in number.

[Note: Accompanied with preloaded windows 10 operating system with latest advanced features.]

Positive points to buy:
  • Touchscreen display (Touchpen is included).
  • Smart in performance.
  • Amazing 4K display.
  • Thin and lightweight laptop.
  • Good battery life(upto 10.5 hrs).
  • Dual speaker featuring dolby atmos.
  • High pixels webcam.
  • Average heat managing mechanism.
  • Positive for productivity.
Negative points to avoid:
  • Average battery life on 4K mode.
  • Touch Pen or stylus is somewhat difficult to remove.
  • Lacks a few ports including a SD card slot.

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Apple  has presented its new beast in the series of macbook named as APPLE MACBOOK PRO 16. Here the figure 16 clearly states that this time they have come up with a screen size of 16 inches.

About the look:
  • With its 16 inch 4k display, Apple has proved that it implements  their customers’ opinions.This is their first large screen display since 2012 yet the  manufacturers have not compromised with the image quality. 
  • The keyboard and touchpad quality  are also a major part to put into concern as the escape button is added on the keyboard which will help a lot to those who were missing it on the previous versions.
About the performance: 
  • Embedded with the 9th generation intel core i9 processor with a speed of 2.3 GHz, this device is a boon for apple macbook lovers. In addition the16 Gb ram and 1TB solid state drive(SSD)  adds much to its performance.
  • Either it be gaming ,editing or transferring files this device has excelled in all the performance tests.


About the graphics: 

The AMD radeon pro 5500M ultra HD graphics is the most modern and advanced setup. Even the highest quality games or videos appear with its full quality ,thanks to the graphics.

About the ports: 

The quantity of ports may not provide proper satisfaction to some professionals as there are only 4 thunderbolt 3 USB C ports along with an audio jack.

Positive points to buy:
  • Touch display.
  • Great battery(upto 11 hrs).
  • Available upto 64GB RAM and 2TB SSD.
  • Magic keyboard.
  • High quality webcam.
  • Advanced heat managing setup.
  • 6 speaker sound system along with high quality mic.
  • Perfect for both gaming and productivity.
  • Bright display.
Negative points to buy:
  • Lacks some necessary ports.
  • Very much expensive.

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Final words

If we summarize all the above mentioned devices along with their pros and cons, then these are few of the best laptops you can invest upon. Although I may not have discussed each and every minute details, but then also whatever points I mentioned are enough in transforming your confusion to a final verdict.


Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Do these laptops offer flexible storage options?

Yes, they are available in various storage options. One can easily choose the ram size and other storage options according to their budget.

Are these laptops available online?

Yes, one can easily purchase these laptops from various online stores like amazon,flipkart,etc.

Do they possess any guarantee or warranty?

Yes, these all products come with a particular warranty.

On what basis they are recognised as the best?

These 5 laptops are the best laptops as per our research team because they have done a lot of research on them and also they have taken some personal reviews from few of the satisfied buyers.

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