Watch is a clock on hand which makes you feel like the time is yours. It resembles a mini clock which not only helps you to see the time, but also gives you a stunning look. 

This small size machine on hand is a combination of clock and smartphone. Without watch on hand, it feels like there is nothing. It adds a beauty to your persona.

When you ask a student, you will realize how important it is for them. A hand watch is a guide of time for them. From school to going for higher studies, to the examination hall, at every aspect of a student’s life, its significance is vast.

For working men and women, it symbolizes their routine life, their schedule of work. For them “time is money,” and their 24 hour is divided into parts, which is a must to follow for them.

For centuries, we have been using hand watches, and with time we get to see more and more new features being added in that little watch.

Smart watches are among the latest trending, which is among the top most demanded products. It is worn by every age group of people. 


What is a smart watch?

This is a for sure question, what? Actually, in simple words we can say that a smartwatch is a watch embedded with smart technology. Today the watches contain inbuilt features like health measures, GPS, voice recognition, call connections, and many more features, which we will have a look through the blog.  

History of evolution of smart watch

In the race of technology nothing is aside from it. If it is lagging with technology, then it is nowhere.

That’s what happened with simple watches. All the branding companies that build and manufacture watches were collapsing, as people shifted to smart phones containing features of a watch too. 

This led the watch companies to think of something different and revolutionary, to maintain their sustainability in the market.

Thus, it brought change in watches with addition of new tech features. And smart watches emerged.

The smart watches are built with chips inside it. These are digital devices which have processors for proper functioning of the watches. The technology added in it, makes it a smart watch.

What are the top 5 smartwatches?

For you, we have sorted the list of the smart watches, and have reached to the top five smart watches all over the world.

These are listed here:-

  • Apple watch series 5
  • Samsung Galaxy watch 3
  • Fitbit Versa 2
  • Tic Watch Pro
  • Fossil Gen 5

Below is the detailed description of these smart watches. You must go through these details to analyse yourself which one to choose from these. So, let’s have a look at a watch that watches out for you.

Apple watch series 5 

Apple is one of the famous brands, known for its digital devices. Keeping the name of the brand, Apple has emerged with a new smart watch, named Apple Watch Series 5. 

This watch has a display from which you can’t take your eyes off.  It is a watch with human friendly design.


  • Stylish design: This watch has a display with always on retina display, which never sleeps. The screen always displays the time on the watch face.
  • Health features: The watch has pre-installed ECG health apps to keep an eye on your heart safety. The electrical and optical heart sensors measure the pulse rate of your heart in rhythm. It notifies the rate in high or low. 
  • Noise-control: The noise app tells you when the things are getting loud, to save your years from high decibels levels that can damage your eardrum.
  • Fitness goals: The watch has features to keep the track of your progress in your set fitness goals. It’s a perfect fit for your exercise and cycle of health measures. 
  • Streaming songs: You can listen to over 60 million songs and the podcasts you love, from the Apple Music library. 
  • Sense direction: It is built with a highly sensitive compass, and ground elevation that can fit in any situations and any region.
  • Access to apps: The smart watch gets apps in a snap. The app store is on your wrist, from where you can easily download apps of your choice.
  • Hand phone: The watch is built with mobile connectivity, with an easy dial and calling process. You can call for help with an emergency SOS detection, call from the trail, trail from the surf, and stream music from the slopes.
  • Water proof: This is a no worry feature for those who are swimmers, and for other water works. 
  • Light-weight: Even after being built with so many functionalities, the watch is light in weight. It gives your hand a comfortable feel.

Special Instruction

It is compatible with iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later.

It is advised that it should be used by people above the age of 22. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung watch comes with beautiful design and excellent functionality for its customers. The watch 3 series is designed to effortlessly manage your life activities with one premium and classic device.

These watches come with subtle rotating bezel, bigger screen, and many more features. Let’s see-

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  • Health monitor: Samsung watch comes with premium and classic devices, leading to a productive health technology. The watch uses infrared rays and red LED to estimate the amount of oxygen level in your bloodstream.
  • Precise bezel rotation: The watch comes with different sizes of display screen and elegant design. It is outlined in a unique subtle rotating bezel for app navigation.
  • Comfort wear: The watch has a bigger display, yet it is lightweight, and has a slimmer down frame sophisticated look. It has a leather strap.
  • Variety to choose: Its sleek body has a large number of faces to choose from. At a glance you can select the one and access your favourite apps.
  • Fall detection: It has an enhanced accelerometer, and SOS that automatically detects hard falls, and sends a direct message to emergency contact with your location.
  • Better night sleep: The watch records REM cycles, deep sleep and total sleep, to understand and improve the quality of your sleep. Samsung partnership with the National Sleep Foundation helps in this. It includes a sleep tip right on your device, to help you with your sleep.
  • Hit your best: The watch is equipped with 120 home plus workout programs. Choose any from phone and cast to your TV, and as you work out, it will display your heart rate in real time. It uses a ridge sport band for more accurate stats. 
  • Running Guide: It lets you keep pace as you get tips on the go. It is designed with an algorithm that analyzes your move to help improve your form and prevent injuries. It also helps you to keep up with your daily, weekly and monthly performance.
  • Smart reply: It is built with a smart reply feature to analyze the texts and photos you receive from others during your work. It gives you suggested replies and supports different categories that include food, work, news, celebration, and more.
  • Fun with emojis: The watch brings to you the new ways to communicate. Bitmoji stickers open up fun ways to communicate. Also you can personalize your bitmoji stickers as per you friend circle and family talks.
  • Smooth play: Music should never stop, even when you move from one device to another. Get lost in the world of music with the flexibility in the change.

Special Instructions

It is compatible with-

Android: Android 5.0 OS and higher.

RAM: RAM above 1.5 (Samsung/ Non Samsung).

OS: iPhone 5 and above, iOS 9.0 or above.  


Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit is a smartwatch with the latest technology, which has many overwhelming features for all. The Versa two are the series of Fitbit smartwatches. 

Fitbit, as its name suggests, gives priority to fitness of one and all. The watch comes with features such as Fitbit pay, apps, notifications and many more. Let’s have a look at these features of versa smartwatch-

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  • Amazon Alexa: It is built-in with Amazon Alexa to check the weather, set remainders, and many more for you. You just need to press the button, speak and receive test replies on the device.
  • Sleep Score: The watch calculates your sleep score by analyzing your heart rate, time asleep and restlessness. This helps you understand your sleep quality each night. 
  • Fitbit Pay, Apps & notifications: You get Payment options like Fitbit pay on the watch. Also, you can download hundreds of your favourite apps, and get notifications for texts, calls, calendars and apps.
  • Always-on display:  With always on display features, you can quickly have a glance on time during workouts or workdays.
  • Music apps:  It has music apps such as Spotify and Deezer apps, with over 300 songs on your wrist.
  • Heart rate tracking: Heart rate tracker, tracks calorie burn during workouts. You can see your heart rate trends and cardio fitness level in the Fitbit app. It keeps the track of all-day activities like steps, distance, and calorie burned every minute.
  • Battery life: With 5+ day battery life, it keeps the track of your activities non-stop. It never stops even for a single sec in this battery span. Whether it’s morning, evening or any time of a day, it is always active. It optimizes your efforts during the whole day.

Special Instruction

It is a compatible Android operating system.

Tic Watch Pro

Mobvoi Ticwatch pro is a premium smartwatch with layered display, and long battery life.

It has in-built GPS, NFC payment, Wear OS by Google and many more features. Let us have a look at these features of smartwatch in details-

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  • Layered display: Has two screens, one high resolution AMOLED screen and the second is power saving LCD screen. Also, it has two modes to adapt to your needs. These are Smart mode and Essential mode. 
  • Long battery life: It has a battery life of about 2-30 days on a single charge. You can optimize the battery by switching between the two modes. The smart mode will serve you battery for 2 days, and the essential mode will get you a net 30 days of battery life. In auto-switch to essential mode, it is possible to have a minimum of 5 day battery life. 
  • Pay with watch: The watch has a built-in google pay app. This makes you worry free about payment anytime. This gives you an advanced way to embrace the future. 
  • Google play apps: TicWatch Pro is built with Google functionalities in hand. You can find and download your favourite apps on Google play, and enjoy them with apps.
  • Health and fitness: The watch has GPS to track your jogs and map your route, Heart beat tracker to keep the record of your pulse rate, Calorie counter with steps count, and fitness apps like Google fit, Strava, Runkeeper, etc.   
  • Award-winning design: It has an award -winning design with hundreds of unique watch faces for you, and has a comfortable breathable leather strap. These attractive features will catch your eye-balls.
  • Google assistant built-in: With just your voice you can connect with the world. The Google assistant listens to your voice and can do the work as you guide it. You just need to say “OK Google.” 

Special Instruction

Spotify and Facebook Messenger apps are not applicable for iPhone users.  

It wears OS (operating system) by Google.

Fossil Gen 5

Fossil gen 5 is a Carlyle Stainless steel touch screen watch for men.  

It has speaker, notification alerts and many more features. Below are a few listed features for you.

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  • Wear OS by Google: The smartwatch is powered by wear OS by google that is compatible with latest versions of smartphones.
  • Extended battery life: It is equipped with fast magnetic USB rapid charger and longer battery life. Also you can save battery by three smart Battery modes for multiple days.
  • Responsive speakers: The smartwatch has a speaker for audible alerts, and taking phone calls with google assistant. Also it receives smartphone notification alerts.
  • Heart rate tracking: The watch has a heart sensor which is battery efficient. You can easily check your heart rate anytime and anywhere.
  • Waterproof: You can easily wash your hands, swim, jump into water or take a shower, the watch will be resistant to water and safeguards the sound and other features. 
  • Untethered GPS and streaming music: It has a tracker which helps you to easily track your run and distance you covered during the run, and along with this you can also play your stored music for an engaging environment during workout. 
  • High storage: You can download your favourite apps with storage up to 8 GB, and 1GB memory capacity.
  • Warranty: Watch has 2 years of warranty from the date of purchase, which gives it an edge over other smartwatches.

Special Instruction

The watch is compatible with Android OS 6.0 or later, except the GO edition, iOS 10.0 or later.

Do not charge with another charger, except that included in the box. Also do not use a USB hub,  USB y-cable, battery pack, USB splitter, or other peripheral devices to charge.

It should be kept away from implanted medical devices to minimize potential for RF interference.

To avail the warranty of the smartwatch, go through the details for this before purchase. 



Smartwatch is a hand-in-hand product. This is a friendly digital device. It is like the world in your hand. 

With all new features this device comes with health benefits to track your everyday fitness goals.

These smartwatches are built with latest technologies compatible with different operating systems present in the latest scenario all over the world.

These are enabled with Google assistant, Google apps, and other downloading features. Also, these have streaming music to lighten your mood. And have notes, alarms, speakers, texts, call alerts and notification features. 

You can buy these top trending smartwatches to get all these features on your hand with breathable strap and stylish, elegant look. 


  1. Case Size and weight of Apple Watch series?

The case size is available in 40 mm and 44 mm, and weight is 30.1g and 36.7 g respectively.

  1. What’s in the box of Apple watch?

The box contains a case, band, 1m magnetic charging cable, 5W USB power adapter, with a battery life of up to 18 hours. 

  1. Size and colour available in Samsung Galaxy watch 3?

You can pick from two sizes 45 mm or 41 mm. It is available in premium Mystic Black, Mystic silver and Mystic Bronze hues.

  1. Battery life of Lithium Battery Energy Content?

1.27 watt hours

  1.  Can I play video and audio songs?

You can play audio by connecting an external headset or Bluetooth speaker. But you can’t play videos.

  1. Do I need to always carry my phone to track running?

No, you don’t always need to carry if you are running under the range of your phone. It will keep a track of your workout steps which you can come back and see.

  1. Does TicWatch Pro support 4G?

No, 4G is not supported.

  1.  Are these watches only for men?

No, these watches come with different attractive watch faces for both men and women.


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