In this era of advancement and rapidly developing technological needs, artificial intelligence embedded electronic appliances are the new normal such as smartphones, smart televisions and many more.

Additionally, In this phase of advanced technical needs You can’t find a single among us who doesn’t know about operating the accessories. So, these are very common nowadays. In this world with smartphones in almost every hand only a few of us focus on television despite not even focusing on it in a proper way. Keeping them in mind our industrialists have developed the technology too. They have come up with new ideas and new advanced technology such as television which was known for its boom in technology about a couple of decades ago but suddenly got underrated due to the prevailing smartphone regime. So smart TV is the new beginning of those old golden days. 

Nowadays there is so much new advancement in television. When you see it you just can’t even imagine that there was a time once when television was with black and white picture quality and now it’s a time of 3d and 4k picture quality

If you are planning to buy one there are so many televisions and smart TVs that you must know about or can go for. These can be your must buy elements. Before buying any TV the basic 4 things that you must lose focus are:

  1. PRICE 

One should always get attracted to these 4 things before  buying a good quality television because one earns money with much effort so the investment must be proper and worthy.

Below, I have some best television options for you to scroll and check them out.


The 88 inch LG OLED TV is the biggest OLED TV that we have ever seen. The screen size is 88 inch With Full HD high resolution display at 8K. If you want to get overrated with those four key and 1080P display resolution televisions, then you should obviously go for it.

It’s a television which is quite affordable with so much of the latest technology and extensively usable features.The price is little high, although it is  a must buy product because the features and quality that you are getting is just out of the world. 

  • 8K HDR Resolution
  • Low input lag in game modes. 
  • 88 inches of screen size.
  • A third USB port, an ethernet port, a composite video input, an optical audio output, a cable/antenna connector, and an RS-232C connector face down.

The TV itself can handle an 8K signal over HDMI, but you’ll need to connect the 8K Upgrader to ensure network and USB playback compatibility. It’s a black plastic box about the size and shape of an Apple TV that will be provided to Z9 owners for free in December, and ensures 8K video processing, decoding, and playback of 8K HEVC, AV1, and VP9 files, with support for network playback of those files planned in the future. Just remember that there are no consumer sources of 8K content yet. 

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Samsung is not only a brand but also a trademark in the field of electrical appliances.

SAMSUNG QN65Q90RAFXZA is a television with bright panel and amazing black level accurate and wide bright colours and one of the best performers  in the grounds of lcd TV. It can be your one of the must buy. Because the picture quality is amazing which will definitely give you mind blowing experience in both television as well as in gaming too. 

  • 3D: No.
  • Average Contrast Ratio: 080:151 
  • Best For: High-End Home Theaters. 
  • Black Level: 0.01 cd/m^2 
  • Depth: 1.6 inches.
  • HDMI Ports:
  • HDR: HDR-10 
  • Height: 32.7 inches.
  • Individual Settings per Input: Yes.
  • Input Lag (Game Mode): 24 ms. 
  • Native Video Resolution: 160840 by 2. 
  • Networking Options: Wi-Fi. 
  • Pixel Refresh Rate: 120Hz. 
  • Screen Brightness: 1510.8 cd/m^2 
  • Screen Size: 65 inches. 
  • Type: LED. 
  • Video Inputs: HDMI RF USB. 
  • Web Streaming Services: Yes. 
  • Weight: 62.4 lb. 
  • Width: 57.1 inches. 

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Oneplus in the field of mobile phone has played very smartly and so it is performing in the field of television and is launching very cool smart televisions among us.

Oneplus Q1 is a mid range smart television that is of course suitable for home uses. As children nowadays are turning so smart so it’s the need of an hour to get your appliances smart because it’s the time of artificial intelligence and electronic appliances are major in this field that will definitely help your kid to get smart in each and every field either it be study any other factor. 

This oneplus television is a light weight build television with a very high screen resolution and at a very much affordable price.

  • A light weight build. 
  • Sliding sound bar. 
  • QLED Display.
  • Easier control.
  • Oneplus connected apps.

Lets have some specs-

  • Screen Size(Diagonally): 138.8 cm (55″).
  • Sound Output: 50 W.
  • Woofer: YES. 
  • Speaker type: 2.1 CH.
  • Speaker Configuration: 8 units / 4 units.
  • Dolby audio format : Dolby atmos, Dolby digital plus dolby atmos, Dolby digital plus. 
  • DTS audio Format: DTS-HD DTS-HD.
  • Power Supply Voltage: 100- 240 V~ 50/60 Hz.
  • Power Consumption: 165 W.
  • Weight(TV Without Stand): 22.2 kg /19.5 kg.
  • Weight(TV With Stand): 24.2 kg / 21.5 kg.
  • Weight(Package Gross): 31 kg / 28kg.

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Sony is one of the most well-known electronic companies worldwide, and their products aren’t just limited to TVs. They also make cameras, soundbars, headphones, blu-ray players, playstations, etc. Even though their televisions  are a bit more expensive than their competitors.

Sony TVs are generally well-built and they have exceptional quality control too, So you must ensure  that what you order should not have any issues. They have a few OLED TVs and they make LED TVs on both VA and IPS panels. 

  • Type: OLED.
  • Sub-Type: WRGB. 
  • Resolution: 4K.
  • Size: 55″ 65″ 
  • This Sony TV makes everything possible with self lit pixels. 
  • Expressive cinema quality and screen pixels.
  • More responsive gaming and HDR display. 
  • More realistic sports on an OLED screen. 
  • More artists’ lifestyles.
  • Experience TV like never before.

The processor that is best for an OLED TV that fits in an 8k resolving screen. The color contrast gives a more realistic feeling.The one who watches experiences the television world as a real life scenario. 

Makes a fast moving screen bright and real. In addition, the sound quality and non compromising sound from the speaker are incredible that touches your Dolby atmos. 

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Vizio is a quiet new TV manufacturer, especially compared to some bigger multinational companies like Samsung and LG. They started producing TVs in 2002 as their main product and quickly grew as one of the biggest TV producers in the United States. 

Till 2018, most of their TVs did not have a tuner, so they were underrated in the field of branded TVs, but they’ve added tuners since then the TVs are their main product, they mainly put their focus on them, and even though they’ve started producing soundbars and speakers. 

Their electronics ground is not as diversified as they did in the field of television. Vizio TVs offer great picture quality for a low-cost and since most of them have VA panels and an excellent contrast ratio. The Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 has one of the best contrast ratios with local dimming that we’ve seen on a LED TV, displaying extremely deep blacks.


  • Type: LED 
  • Sub-Type: VA
  • Resolution: 4K. 

Lets have some specs –

  • Outstanding peak brightness in SDR and HDR. 
  • Deep, uniform blacks.
  • Great motion handling.
  • Curved: No.
  • Wall Mount: VESA 400×400.
  • Max Thickness: 2.72″ (6.9 cm).

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So the above mentioned are some of the best sorted televisions that one must go for. Each and every of them are the best quality of television.If one wants to invest his penny in television then he must go for the above mentioned masterpieces.

As we all know that the technology is getting advanced and so we have to be. If we don’t get advanced to proportionate with the technology, then we will be lagged behind. And so our children will be, so it is very necessary for all of us to get advanced with the artificial intelligence that is getting developed nowadays. 

I would just like to conclude that if one has to spend in the television field then they  must go for the above mentioned five as they are very smart and most developed technologies are available in them along with the best features that can be available in the present era. In the running scenario, the appliances are getting more advanced than the human beings as artificial intelligence is developing more and more faster, so it is very important for one to opt for a better change.


“4K versus 1080P full HD”. Which one should we get? 

This is a big question right now, especially in the period where most of the televisions brands are bringing the price down. If you want to be future-proof and believe in keeping a TV for as long as it lasts, then 4K is the best.

“Improvement in TV audios”. Do you need this? 

TVs are getting slimmer and the downside of that is the speakers which have become smaller and weaker. A flat panel TV has only dual speaker(stereo) with a rated output of 5 to 10 Watts RMS each. This may be appropriate for small rooms but if you want to improve the overall experience with all sorts of content, you must need to improve the sound. 

“Android TV or Windows TV” which one should i buy? 

If you are planning to buy a television , then you must go for Android televisions as they are very much advanced and smart too. They can easily be operated through Android mobile phones. But if you’re buying a television for official needs as you incorporate the world, then you must go for Windows television because they have very advanced features such as casting screen, laptop connectivity, computers connectivity and almost total internet facilities that can be available in a computer. They are just a kind of mini computer or a mini laptop. So, It totally depends upon your need. 

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