The complete countrywide lockdown in India due to Covid-19, made us realize how hard it is to manage our household chores along with work-from-home, and kids playing around all day long when our maids are out of reach.

Usually, we Indians have this tendency of late realization, until and unless we face the problem, we don’t comprehend the need for change.

Saying that, whether your maid is coming back to help you or not, it is advisable to invest in a vacuum cleaner without wasting one more day of your precious life.

Indeed, making use of technology in your daily life in the right way, is a smart move. There’s no doubt in that. Plus a vacuum cleaner certainly makes it easier to clean the floors as well as windows, crevices and other hard-to-reach areas, which by the way your maid often ignores.

And  I don’t deny the fact that most Indian families are habitual of using broom and mop for cleaning the floors, but I am also sure that once you start using a vacuum cleaner, you won’t go back!

So, now the question arises, that which are the best vacuum cleaner ?  And what type of vacuum cleaner should you buy? 

You do not need to worry, we have answered all your vacuum related questions in this blog. Just continue reading till the end, and also towards the end of this blog don’t forget to read our -“Vacuum cleaner buying guide.

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Best vacuum cleaners in India

With hundreds of vacuum cleaners to choose from various products available, our team has shortlisted 5 best vacuum cleaners in India, after extensive research, and also, after considering reviews of people using them from long-term.

Here’s the list of 5 best vacuum cleaners in India, presented to you in no particular order:


Best vacuum cleaner for home and office.


The Philips PowerPro vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful 1900W motor to suck out the smallest of the dust particle from every corner of your house, thus making it free of dirt and dust making sure that you have clean air to breathe.

The compact size of this vacuum cleaner make it easy to move around owing to its large wheels.

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It also comes with innovative technology like Powercyclone 5 that separates the dust from the air.

This vacuum cleaner features high-quality attachments such as multi clean nozzle, turbo brush, and soft brush.The multi clean nozzle is used for cleaning of the floors, a turbo brush is used to remove the larger dust particles such as dander or hair, and, a soft brush cleanses electronic items, furniture and car interiors.

The Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 comes equipped with EPA10 filter to ensure circulation of pure air.

Philips company ensures a 2-year warranty on this product, and, you can easily claim the warranty if something goes wrong from your nearest service centre.


  • Excellent suction force
  • Does not heat- up quickly
  • EPA 10 filter
  • 2 years of warranty


  • limited attachments


Indeed a “trendy” appliance that suits the modern households.

We can say that it is one of the most attractive vacuum cleaning devices available in the Indian market. Not just that, this one is an excellent performer too.

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This vacuum cleaner comes with 1000-watt suction power which ensures to eliminate the tiniest speck of dust from your presence.

Cleaning your sofa and upholstery feels like a dream with this vacuum cleaner.

It also comes with a dust bag full indicator which is an innovative feature to remind you to empty the dust bag before further use.

It has a foot operation, which make it comfortable to use this vacuum cleaner. You do not have to bend it all the way down.


  • Lightweight- easy portability
  • Elegant design
  • Powerful motor


  • Gets hot quickly


Well, this one is a little different from others on this list.

The Ecovacs Deebot 500, is a solid robot vacuum cleaner that cleans your floor quickly and efficiently.

This robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled with remote or with the help of the mobile application. It is also embedded with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

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In its app, you can choose different levels of cleaning, such as Auto, Spot and Edge, which focuses on corners and baseboards.

In auto cleaning mode you can select something called Max Mode, this enhances the cleaning process two times as powerful.

In the edge cleaning mode, it will go around the edges of your room and clean it completely.

The spot cleaning mode, runs in a spiral in a certain area that you place it.

You can also check the battery level, schedule cleaning times, and change the suction power of this smart vacuum cleaner.

It has two sides brushes and one main brush for vacuuming. The side brushes push the dirt towards the centre where the main brush is.

The back of this vacuum has a pretty decent sized dust bin with built-in filters. It is easy to remove, replace, and empty the dust bin, as and when required.

It would run for a whopping 90-110 minutes before heading back to the charger.

The cleaner takes about 4-6 hours to get fully charge.


  • Easy set up
  • App-controlled
  • Voice assistance
  • Schedule cleanings
  • Impressive suction power


  • No room-mapping capabilities
  • No indication when the dustbin is full


American Micronic AMI-VCC- 1400 WDx is a canister vacuum cleaner, and has a powerful motor of 1400 watts, with variable velocities function, and strong suction.

This canister vacuum cleaner can tackle with any type of house waste and debris, and keeps the indoor environment clean.

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This vacuum cleaner is featured with multi-function brushes, that are an ideal for getting rid of dark spots.

Its powerful motor uses the filter which captures grime that causes allergens, and also, you can easily remove dirt and pet hair with complete ease.

American Micronic AMI-VCC-1400WDx comes with a washable dust bag and filter.

The manufacturers also provide a one-year warranty with this vacuum cleaner.


  • Sleek design
  • Reusable dust bag
  • Retractable control cord
  • Effective suction of dirt at tight places


 Length of the cord


From being one of the most successful brands in just 2 decades, KENT is a household name among Indian consumers.

This cyclone vacuum cleaner, is among the few vacuum cleaners that are easily available, and can be easily afforded by middle-class Indian families.

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The vacuum cleaner is given, the name Cyclonic vacuum cleaner, because it is equipped with cyclonic technology; which help in removing all hard and tough stains from the floor.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) that traps the dirt from the atmosphere while cleaning the house.

It works on a powerful motor of 2000 watts, which is enough for home purposes, and gives a satisfactory result.

KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleanerfeatures a “Low Noise operation Technology” to control the noise produced by the motor.

It is fitted with good quality rubberized wheels, which make it easy, to move from one room to another.

The company KENT provides a 1-year warranty on this product, that give it a edge over its competitors.


  • It works on Advanced Force technology
  • Easy portability due to its rubber wheels
  • HEPA filter technology
  • Light in weight


  • As per customer reviews, few users are facing some issue in post-sale services

The vacuum cleaner buying guide

There are different types of surfaces where dust could gather. For example, the vacuum cleaner that works well on floors and carpets might not necessarily be as effective in eliminating dust from your sofa or your computer keyboards.

Yes, we know that you can use different types of brushes and nozzles to cater to different tasks but it could be tiresome to change your brushes every time you clean two different surfaces.

Hence, there are different types of vacuum cleaners for different purposes.

Our easy-to-understand buying guide will make your job much easier. The following are the points to consider while buying the best vacuum cleaner in India.

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1. Bag or Bagless

If you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner, you need to opt for disposable bags or a reusable bin.

Well, dust bags can hold more dust. But, without removing it from the vacuum, it is difficult to tell whether the dust bag is full or not? 

The benefit of using dust bags is that it releases less dust into the air during the disposal.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Bagless vacuum cleaners, the bins are transparent, which give it ease to tell if the bag is full or not.

You can clean the bin and reuse it multiple times. The Bagless type of vacuum cleaner needs filter replacement once in a while.

2. Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

These vacuum cleaners can clean both dry dust, and wet spills. Whether there is a need to a cleanup for broken glasses, or any drink spilled on the ground, wet and dry type vacuum cleaners will serve both the purposes.

These vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning up bathroom floors, even in case of bathtub overflows, because it saves a lot of time mopping, and drying a wet area.

3. Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. The vacuum cleaners which comes alongwith HEPA filter are capable of very minute cleaning, by removing 99.99% dust, dirt particles of microns that are as small as 0.3 microns.

The HEPA filters are made of glass fibre that is arranged in a meshed manner. This glass fibre help in blocking, and, trapping the minute particulate matter.

4. The Noise Level

The amount of noise a vacuum cleaner makes depends on the way the motor of the machines is designed.

To separate the dust, vacuum cleaner is equipped with cyclonic technology; where the centrifugal force is the reason the air is violently set in motion.

The sound level is, however, low even if the airflow is turbulent in cyclonic vacuum cleaners.

Here’s a point to consider, noise is not related to efficiency as a quiet vacuum cleaner can have a better suction power if it has been designed efficiently.

5. Allergies

An efficient vacuum cleaner that uses advanced technology such as HEPA filters help in removing particulates that lead to allergies.

HEPA filters are useful in removing 99.9% pollutants, thereby making the inside environment free of contaminants.

6. Portability

When buying a vacuum cleaner, always opt for a portable option that is convenient to use.

The portable vacuum cleaners provide you with the opportunity to quickly move the vacuum cleaners to any part of the house without any hassles.

7. Availability of Spare Parts or Accessories

When going to buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India, first take into consideration, the availability of the spare parts, and it’s accessories.

Check the reviews, about the spare parts carefully, to know whether the spare parts are readily available at nearby stores.

Also check, vacuum cleaner dealer locator in the nearest place from you.

8. Your Usage

It is advised to shortlist a vacuum cleaner after considering the usage and the area that you need to clean.

The one-size-fits-all method does not apply here. It would be best if you consider a lot of factors such as the filters, suction capacity, and storage capacity before making the final decision.

9. Reviews & Ratings of Vacuum Cleaners

Another essential factor to consider is the reviews, and ratings of the vacuum cleaner. You should read the reviews carefully to check whether the after-sales are available with ease, the functioning of the machine, replacement needs, and the efficiency to make the right decision.

10. Price

Before buying the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India, it will be good to compare the price of the products of different brands before making the final decision.

Decide your budget, and accordingly check out the different types of vacuum cleaners available in that price range.

11. Type of Flooring

An important consideration is the type of flooring at your home. Check whether your floor has carpeting, hard floors, or a combination of both before choosing a vacuum cleaner.

If your floor has a lot of carpeting, then, go for an upright vacuum cleaner. For tile or hard flooring, Canister vacuum cleaners are ideal.

The specialized floor brushes are easy to manoeuvre, which makes them suitable for tile flooring.

12. Maintenance

The frequency of maintenance depends a lot on the usage, such as bag capacity, HEPA, etc.  If you have allergy-sufferers at home, the Bagless vacuum cleaners come with dust collection bins that need to be emptied and washed regularly.

The HEPA filters of the vacuum cleaners need to be changed periodically for proper functioning and cleaning.

Final words

In the nut-shell, we can say that the vacuum cleaner is a must-have product that you can buy for an affordable price point, and get your home free from dust.

It doesn’t matter if you are spending most of the time at home or office, it should be clean so that you have a safe and healthy stay.

We hope, that you consider all the mentioned products, and we are sure that our buying guide will help you grab the best deal with ease. And yeah, make sure that you opt for the reputed brands to save money and time.


  1. Do vacuum cleaners consume a lot of electricity?

No, a 1000 watts vacuum cleaner uses a very decent amount of electricity whereas a 1400 or a 1600 watts vacuum cleaner almost consume half of a one-ton AC.

  1. Can a vacuum cleaner ruin my carpet?

We advise you to use your vacuum cleaner on normal power when cleaning carpet or else it might tamper it.

  1. Should I vacuum every day?

It will be better if you go vacuuming every day, but also wouldn’t harm vacuuming every alternate day. It is totally a matter of choice, how often you like to clean your house.

  1. How often should I change the vacuum bag?

Vacuum bags varies from one vacuum to another, and thus, has no specific duration as it totally depends on the usage.

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  1. Having a good sweeper is so important. Luckily I don’t have allergies and I pitched my sweepers that needed filters because all they did is plug up and I could never find a replacement filter. I bought a commercial upright with a bag and NO filter needed. After using sweepers for over 50 years isn’t it ironic how I ended up with the same kind I bought when I moved out of my parents home at 18…lol

    1. Well said. Selecting something better among the thousands is really a difficult task anyways i am glad to know that you have got the good one.


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