800 Pakistani Hindus left India for not getting citizenship, claimed in the report


Pakistani Hindus Left India: The news of atrocities on minorities in Pakistan comes to the fore every day. These minorities also include people from the Hindu community. Many of these have been continuously applying for Indian citizenship. But now a shocking claim has been made in a report. In which it has been told that 800 Pakistani Hindus had to return to Pakistan because they could not get citizenship in India.

That’s why Pakistani Hindus returned
According to the report of the English newspaper The Hindu, Seemant Lok Sangathan, a group advocating for the rights of Pakistani minorities in India, has made this claim in its report. It said that, 800 Hindus awaiting citizenship in India decided to go back to Pakistan because the matter was not progressing in the matter of their citizenship and no concrete answer was being given.


According to the report of The Hindu, Hindu Singh Sodha, President of the Frontier Lok Sangathan, while giving information on this matter, said that when all these Hindus reached Pakistan, this neighboring country used them to spread propaganda against India. All of them were paraded in front of the media and were forcibly asked to say that they were treated badly in India.

What is the process of citizenship in India?
In the year 2018, the Union Home Ministry started an online portal for taking citizenship. With the help of which people persecuted in neighboring countries can apply for Indian citizenship. For this, 16 collectors were deployed in 7 states of the country, who accept online applications from people of Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Jain and Buddhist religions applying for citizenship from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. After this, in May 2021, 13 district magistrates in five more states were given this right. These states included Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab.


What is the problem with citizenship application?
In fact, it has been told that the applications of those people whose passports expire in the online portal are not accepted. In such a situation, these people of neighboring countries have to get their passport renewed first, for which a lot of money is charged at times. Most of the people are unable to pay it and are unable to make their application. Apart from this, these people have to go to the collector and submit their documents. Only after this the whole process of their citizenship can start. However, it has been told that the Ministry of Home Affairs can review this entire process soon.

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