A better lifestyle is possible due to pre-knowledge of autism – study


If a person comes to know at an early age that he is a victim of autism, then he can lead a better lifestyle with self-awareness and mental strength. Along with this, becoming an adult, he can also make his understanding quality. The findings of this study in the journal ‘Autism’ published Has happened. It has been advised in this study that if a child is told at an early age that he is autistic, then with the right care and encouragement, he can be made successful in life till puberty. For the first time, researchers did research in this direction and found that being autistic and being aware of it can have positive results. It has been seen in this study that women, geneticists, minorities or people with low resources do not know for years that they are autistic.


In many cases, it has also been seen that until adulthood, people do not know about themselves that they have symptoms of autism. Researchers included normal and autistic participants in this study. 78 students were included in the study. Information about life and experiences was taken from them.

what the experts say
According to Dr. Steven Kapp, Lecturer of Psychology at the University of Post Mouth, he found himself to be autistic at the age of 13. They tell that such students, who come to know about it at a young age, prepare themselves for it and are happy.


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He further said, “Our study has made it clear that it is best to be told about autism at a very early age. This leads to the development of personal public life in a suitable way. Parents should not wait for the information to be given when the child becomes an adult.”

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proud to be autistic
One participant said that I told my child that autism is a special way of thinking and understanding. It is challenging, but it is a very beautiful, effective and powerful tool. The identity of being autistic is a matter of pride and a way of describing oneself as worthy. Study’s co-author Bella Kofner says that the purpose of the study is to make parents aware. I can help mentally and socially affected children with autism with ease and awareness.

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