ABP C-Voter’s survey on the issue of hijab ban from Congress President’s election


ABP News C-Voter Survey: The election for the post of Congress President in the country is in the headlines at the moment. The election is getting interesting after the possibility of no member of the Gandhi family contesting the election. Apart from this, many other issues are also in discussion in the country. Such as change in West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s stand on PM Modi, former Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh joining BJP, cinema halls in Jammu and Kashmir after 32 years. the opening of


Along with this, the investigation of Waqf Board properties in UP, the issue of hijab ban in educational institutions have also been in the headlines this week. C Voter has done a quick survey for ABP News on all these issues. In which very shocking answers have been received. Let us tell you about the questions asked in the survey and their answers-


1. Who should become the Congress President?
Rahul Gandhi – 46%
Ashok Gehlot – 13%
Shashi Tharoor – 11%
None of these – 30%

2. Who is more popular leader among Ashok Gehlot and Shashi Tharoor?


Ashok Gehlot – 32%
Shashi Tharoor – 30%
Can’t say – 38%

3. Whoever becomes the Congress President, the remote will remain with the Gandhi family?
Yes – 65%
No – 35%

4. Should Gehlot resign from the post of CM if he becomes Congress President?
Yes – 63%
No – 37%

5. Mamta’s changed attitude towards PM Modi, will the opposition be united in 2024?
Yes – 46%
No – 54%

6. Will the addition of Captain Amarinder benefit the BJP in Punjab?
Yes – 53%
No – 47%

7. Should I be allowed to go to school wearing a hijab?
Yes – 42%
No – 58%

8. Is the opening of cinema hall in Jammu and Kashmir a big success of the government after 32 years?
Yes – 66%
No – 34%

9. Decision to investigate the properties of Waqf Board in UP right or wrong?
Correct – 69%
Wrong – 31%

10. Should Waqf Board properties be investigated in other states also?
Yes – 80%
No – 20%

Note: This quick survey for abp news has been done by C-voter. The survey results are based on the personal opinion of the people. It has nothing to do with abp news. 4361 people have been talked to in this survey.

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