Aftab is repeatedly dodging the forensic team, polygraph test may be done again today


Shraddha Murder Case: Aftab Poonawala, accused in the Shraddha murder case, is in Tihar Jail. Aftab’s polygraph test can be done again today. Earlier three attempts have been made for the polygraph test, but the test could not be completed. Aftab had stopped the test in the middle by applying his cunning mind. He used to cough repeatedly during the test, due to which the test had to be stopped.

Aftab did not answer many important questions during the polygraph test, today again those questions can be asked to him. Sanjeev Gupta, assistant director of the Forensic Science Lab, said, “We had kept the lab open even on weekends to complete Aftab’s polygraph test. On Sunday, the investigation team told us that they have taken permission from Tihar Jail to conduct a polygraph test on Aftab. It is expected that he will be brought to the lab today.


Preparations for Aftab’s narco test completed

After the polygraph test, Aftab’s narco test is also to be done. Preparations have also started for the narco test. FSL Assistant Director Sanjeev Gupta said, ‘We have made all the preparations for the narco test. The first session of Aftab’s narco test can be done on Tuesday evening. The second session can be done on Wednesday. If Aftab’s health worsens, then the second and third sessions can be done on Thursday-Friday.

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Aftab dodged the polygraph test

The Assistant Director of FSL told that Aftab did not give any answer to many questions related to the case. During this he started coughing and sneezing, due to which the readings of the machine were also getting affected. Because of which now we have to do polygraph test again. During the polygraph test, Aftab was asked questions about the events related to the murder, the relationship of the accused with Shraddha, the tension between them, the places where the pieces of Shraddha’s dead body were dumped, weapons etc.

Tihar Jail is being monitored by CCTV

On Saturday, the court sent him to judicial custody, after which he was kept in Jail No. 4 of Tihar. Here it was kept in cell number-16 of ward number-15. Generally, undertrial prisoners and prisoners going to jail for the first time are kept in this jail, so that they stay away from other inmates of the jail. There is a ban on anyone meeting Aftab in the jail. His every movement is being monitored by the CCTV cameras installed in the jail. According to sources, there was no wrinkle on Aftab’s face even in the jail. A policeman is always stationed outside his cell as a precaution.

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