After Bhilwara, now tension in Hanumangarh, VHP leader attacked, referred to Bikaner


Communal Violence In Rajasthan: The situation turned tense in Nohar in Hanumangarh district when VHP leader Satveer Saharan of Nohar was seriously injured by some youths. The injured Satveer has been referred to Bikaner after first aid.

After this incident, there was outrage among the workers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Due to outrage, people blocked the wheel. He says that today when a woman and a person in Nohar told Satveer that some youths sit in front of the temple and often molest them. On this Satveer reached to interrogate those youths. During the conversation, a clash broke out between the two and the youths hit Satveer in the head with an iron rod. Due to the injury, Satveer got seriously injured. After this incident, the workers of Bajrang Dal Vishwa Hindu Parishad blocked the Nohar Rawatsar road, angry people raised slogans against the administration.


During this, the District Collector and SP reached Hanumangarh on the spot and tried to handle the situation. The agitated people have demanded that whoever is the accused should be arrested with immediate effect, otherwise they will not move from here. On this, the police also arrested 2 people with immediate effect and started searching for the rest.


Appeasement policy of Gehlot government

Vishva Hindu Parishad’s provincial convener Ashish Parekh says that these incidents are happening continuously in Rajasthan, which is happening due to the appeasement policies of the Gehlot government. He said that now we will not tolerate and if the accused are not arrested soon then he will take his next step. He further said that we warn the administration that action should be taken on this matter at the earliest, otherwise be prepared to face the consequences. Even if they don’t have to shut down the whole of Rajasthan.

At the same time, ASP has also released a video on this matter. He said that there is no such thing. There was a minor fight here and there was only minor injury. At the same time, the District Collector also said that those who were accused have been arrested and the rest will be arrested soon. Whoever is guilty will be given strict punishment.

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