After Shaheen Bagh, now bulldozers reached Mangolpuri, heavy police force deployed in the area


Delhi: The MCD’s bulldozer had reached Shaheen Bagh in South Delhi on Monday to take action against the encroachment, but the local people and the MLA stopped him protesting the action. At the same time, the campaign to remove the encroachment of MCD is still going on and till May 13, the process of taking action in different areas of Delhi will continue.

In this sequence, action is to be taken in Y Block of Mangolpuri in North Delhi today. There are two temples in this area and there is also a mosque around which many small shops were visible till last night. Local people tell that people themselves removed these shops last night.


Local police barricaded the areas

Deployment of local police and CRPF is being seen in Y block of Mangolpuri. In some time from now the team of Delhi Police is also going to reach the spot. With the help of barricades, the local police have stopped the movement to stop the traffic on some roads. At the same time, the CRPF team has been put on the streets. The police administration does not want to leave any room for any lapse before MCD takes action in the area, so the security preparations are looking good.


Police is monitoring with drone

Aerial surveillance is being done with the help of drones in Y block of Mangolpuri. A team reporting to Delhi Police is looking closely at the roofs of houses in block Y. This area also becomes very sensitive because there are two temples and a mosque in the area. MCD action may start in a few hours. ABP News interacted with the team running the drone. In this, a person named Manjeet told that he has been present in the area since 7 o’clock and is continuously reporting to Delhi Police. Other employees in the team tell that “we have been asked to see the roof of the Y zone where the action is going to take place”.

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