Agnipath Scheme: Agniveers coming from these areas will get the freedom to get tattoos, this is the reason


Tattoo for Agniveers from Tribal Aria: In America, soldiers have been allowed to get tattoos on their bodies only yesterday. This is being done so that the recruitment of soldiers in the US Army can be completed. There is a Tattoo Ban in India for soldiers in India too. In the notification of Agniveers, the Army has made it clear that only Agniveers who come from the tribal class can get tattoos on their bodies according to their customs. But the fire fighters of the tribal class will also have to take a certificate from the local SDM etc., for this.


Agniveers of the tribal class joining the Indian Army will be allowed to apply tattoos on their bodies. Apart from this, Agniveer can also get a permanent religious tattoo on his hand. Apart from this, no one will be allowed to tattoo in the army. On Thursday itself, America has given permission to its soldiers to get tattoos. According to the Agneepath notification of the Indian Army, Agniveers coming from tribal and tribal areas will be allowed to get tattoos on their bodies according to their customs.


Certificate for tattoo will have to be taken from SDM
Agniveers will have to take a certificate from an SDM or any other administrative officer in their area for this. Such Agniveer himself will also have to give a self-certified certificate to the army. According to the notification of the army, permanent religious tattoos will also be allowed on the hand ie between the wrists. Apart from this, firefighters will not be allowed to have any kind of tattoo on any other part of the body. Let us tell you that on Thursday itself, America has allowed its soldiers to get tattoos on the body.


US Army Secretary issued guidelines
This is being done so that the recruitment of jawans in the US Army can be completed. In this regard, the US Army Secretary issued a guideline related to tattoos. According to the guideline, soldiers can get tattoos done behind the hands, neck and ears. Apart from this, tattoo taboo is banned for American soldiers on other parts of the body. According to the guidelines of the US Army, soldiers cannot get a tattoo bigger than one inch on their hand. The tattoo should not be more than two inches on the neck. It has also been said that these tattoos should not be associated with apartheid, gender discrimination etc.

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