Akhilesh Yadav held a meeting with the members of the Legislature Party, made this strategy to surround the government


SP Legislature Party Meeting: The meeting of the Samajwadi Party Legislature Party was held today at the Samajwadi Party Headquarters, Lucknow under the chairmanship of Akhilesh Yadav, the National President of the Samajwadi Party and the Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly, in which the strategy for the budget session of the House was discussed. In the meeting of the legislature party, a demand was made to run the session for at least 35 days. Because in the session of 5 or 6 days, the issues of the general public will not be discussed. The budget session should go on for a long time so that the budget is discussed in detail. In the meeting of the Samajwadi Party’s legislature party, the people are in trouble due to the collapse of law and order and weakening of democratic institutions in the state.


In the meeting of the Samajwadi Party Legislature, the oppression of the poor, increasing incidents of rape of women and girls, fake encounters and custodial deaths, unbridled inflation, return of ration cards, recovery of farmer’s honor money, growing power crisis, health-education sector It was decided to hold special discussions on the plight of the state, wheat procurement scam, recruitment scam and unemployment and the atmosphere of fear in the state.


Every area of ??backward state under BJP rule
In his address on this occasion, Akhilesh Yadav said that the state has gone backward in every field under the BJP rule. All the promises of BJP have turned out to be false. The BJP government promised to cut the electricity bill by half, relative to which the electricity supply has been reduced to half. The work of providing electricity to weavers at a fixed rate was done by the Samajwadi government, BJP is doing injustice to them. The houses of the poor are being demolished with bulldozers. Innocents are being implicated in false cases. The BJP government is troubling the opposition parties, especially the workers and leaders of the Samajwadi Party by imposing fake cases after the assembly elections.


Farmers upset in BJP rule
Yadav said that the public is devastated due to the policies of BJP. Animals are grazing the crops of farmers. The honor money is being withdrawn from the farmers. There has been loot in the cowsheds. The maximum number of cows have died in the BJP government. Medical colleges are ruined. There is no doctor or medicine here. Millions of useless medicines are lying in the garbage heap. The patient is forced to wander here and there for treatment.

BJP government encouraged corruption
Yadav said that development is blocked in the state. The PPP model has proved to be a complete failure. In the last five years, the BJP government has only encouraged corruption. The BJP government has done nothing except to declare the works of the Samajwadi government as its own. He has considered development only by changing the name and putting stones in his name. Yadav said that the BJP does not want to face issues related to the people. In Uttar Pradesh, the work of imposing dictatorship on democracy is being done. BJP has given up morality. The issue of Varanasi is being raised to mislead the public. The RSS-BJP government refrains from works of public interest and encourages hatred so that people do not live in harmony.

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