Are you also a victim of ’emotional eating’, know its reason and ways to overcome it


How To Stop Emotional Eating It is often seen that people consider food as the best way to overcome stress and negative emotions. It is not stressed that they start having food cravings. In such a situation, they either order online pizza or any favorite dessert or start searching for ice cream, chocolate etc. in the fridge. But, even after eating them, there is no self-satisfaction and then the period of remorse starts. Actually, these are the symptoms of emotional eating.

healthline From work stress to financial concerns, health issues to relationship conflicts, any one of these can be the root cause of your emotional eating, according to a report published in If the habit of emotional eating is not controlled quickly, then it can increase the risk of weight gain and then many dangerous diseases. According to research, this is a problem that affects both sexes, but its symptoms are more common in women than men.


What is the difference between emotional eating and hunger
Mayo Clinic According to a report published in, it is natural for a person to feel hungry. In such a situation, if we talk about the difference between emotional and physical hunger, then the symptoms of physical hunger are – we feel it at a certain time, when we feel hungry, we want to eat variety food, after eating we feel full, There is no negative feeling after eating, whereas the symptoms of emotional hunger are – this hunger is felt suddenly. There is a craving to eat something special. Even after eating, the mind does not feel full and after eating there is a feeling like guilt.


How to control emotional eating


find option
Find out some other ways to relieve stress. For example, you read books, listen to music, talk to someone on the phone, play games etc.

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make the body active
Research has found that physical activity can help you if you are under a lot of stress. If you do yoga for 8 weeks, then you can get rid of emotional eating and stress.

pay attention
You can meditate daily to keep yourself calm. It has been found in many researches that with the help of meditation, you can overcome stress and eating disorder.

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food diary
Write in a diary what you eat. What things or things trigger you or what things you feel craving for under stress, maintain it all in it. You can also share this with your doctor.

keep healthy things in the fridge
Do not keep those things at home which are not good for your health. Keep some healthy food options in your fridge.

train yourself
Whenever you feel emotional eating, take a deep breath and try to control yourself. Try to get rid of the things that trigger you. Talk to yourself and say positive things to yourself.

When to seek doctor’s advice
In fact, when we become victims of unhealthy food habits under stress etc., then it can lead to many health related problems. Not only this, they can have a bad effect on both your physical and mental health. In such a situation, try to control yourself or else you can become a victim of many deadly diseases. If you are not able to control your emotions, then you can consult a doctor. For this, do not hesitate to take the advice of both the general doctor and the psychiatrist.

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