Azam Khan worried about the demolition of Rampur Jauhar University building


Jauhar University Rampur: Alleging that some parts of Rampur’s Jauhar University should be demolished, Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has filed a petition in the Supreme Court. Azam’s lawyer Nizam Pasha told a vacation bench headed by Justice D.Y. Chandrachud- According to the condition imposed by the Allahabad High Court while granting bail, the district administration has taken possession of about 13 hectares of land of the university.


He also said that it is wrong to impose such a condition while granting bail, now two buildings of the campus are ready to be demolished. The bench said that the petition should be placed before the Registrar for listing. In fact, Rampur District Magistrate Ravinder Kumar Mandar, while talking to the media, said that the High Court has issued instructions under which the enemy property should be given back to the Custodian Department. In Johar University, 13 hectares of land is to be captured and taken back for which action is being taken. He said that this action has to be completed by June 30.


FIR was lodged against Azam Khan

Let us tell you, an FIR was registered against many including Azam Khan for grabbing enemy property and misusing public money of more than crores of rupees. It was alleged in the FIR that during the partition of India, a person named Imamuddin Qureshi had gone to Pakistan and his land was registered as enemy property but Azam Khan along with many people occupied it. .

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