Belly fat is not decreasing even after a lot of hard work? Apart from gym and diet, it is also important to take care of these things


Many times, despite sweating in the gym for hours and months, belly fat does not take the name of going. To reduce them, we start dieting and even stop eating and drinking, but the effect of all this is not visible on our body. In fact, if the fat accumulates around the lower part of the belly fat i.e. subcutaneous and visceral, then it does not go away easily. The fat around the visceral also becomes the cause of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

webmd According to them, the problem of high blood pressure also starts due to them. Actually, the reason for belly fat can also be called your unhealthy food habit. When you consume a lot of starch and carbohydrates in food, then fat starts accumulating in the middle part of the body. In such a situation, if you eat more and more vegetables, lean protein in your diet and stay away from red meat etc., then it can help you a lot in reducing this problem. So let us know that even after hard work, what are the reasons that are not letting go of your waist and belly fat.


Reasons for not reducing belly fat

Research has found that due to smoking, fat starts accumulating around the stomach and intestines. In such a situation, if you want to reduce belly fat, then you should give up the habit of smoking.

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When stress hormones are released in the body, they also cause fat to accumulate in the middle part of the body. So try to remove the stress. You can take the help of yoga and meditation for this.


not exercising
Even if you are not exercising according to your body fat, the fat here will not be reduced. For this you can take help of doctor or expert.

If you are doing other exercises instead of the fat burning exercises, then your fat will also not go away. It would be best if you do aerobic exercise ie running, walking etc.

If you consume alcohol, then it also becomes the reason for belly fat. It is better that you stay away from any kind of alcohol. This will help you in reducing your belly fat.

energy drink
If you keep energy drinks or sugary drinks in your fridge and like to drink it, then it may also be because of this that the fat of your stomach and waist is not going. They contain high calories which work to increase your weight.

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drink less water
If you drink a lot of water throughout the day, then it will fill your stomach and calories will not increase. Not only this, your body will remain hydrated and you will also lose weight.

genetic factor
Sometimes weight is not reduced even due to genetic reasons. In such a situation, you should be cautious about your weight from the beginning and take the help of experts.

sleep less
If you are not sleeping enough then this can also be the reason for your fat. Sleeping less increases stress and leads to weight gain.

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