Benefit of low calorie diet only when taken on time – Study


People make many efforts to live a healthy and long life. For this, along with making changes in the diet, it is also considered very important to follow a restrained and regular routine. Now a new study has been told that if you want to live a long and healthy life, then eat low-calorie food at the right time. According to a study led by researchers from the Hughes Medical Institute in America, the daily rhythm of the body has a big impact in the long term. According to Joseph Takahashi, a researcher at the institute, ‘During the study, when rats were given food only during their most active time, their life span increased even with fewer calories. in science journal light

the The report of this study states that in a test conducted on hundreds of rats for four years, researchers found that just reducing the amount of calories in the food increased their lifespan by 10 percent.

Similarly, when rats were given food only at night, their life was increased by 35 percent. Eating at night is because rats are most active at night. It was observed that the combined effect of eating fewer calories and feeding only at night was that the lifespan of rats with a two-year lifespan increased by 9 months. In recent years, it has been seen that emphasis is placed on many famous diet plans. These include measures like fasting regularly or eating at regular intervals of six to eight hours. In this context, Takahashi and his team did this four-year experiment to find out the effect of factors such as calories, fasting, circadian rhythm on life.


what the experts say
Researchers say that in view of this, humans should also fix their meal time only in the day. Joseph Takahashi, a microbiologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, said that this study has also settled the controversy regarding meal timing and emphasized that food should be eaten at some time of the day. He told that if a person makes his food time bound, then it will not only increase the risk of rapid weight loss, but will be beneficial for health and will get a long life in the long run.


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According to Rafael de Cabo, a scientist at the National Institute on Aging, Baltimore, who researches gerontology, it is an interesting finding that even if you limit calories. Take or eat low-calorie food, but if you do not eat at the right time, then you will not get the full benefit of reducing calories.

How did the study happen?
By keeping hundreds of rats in a house and controlling them through automatic feeders, the team of researchers tried to know when and how much they eat in their lifetime. Some of these rats were provided with as much food as they wanted, while others were restricted to 30-40 percent of calories. Those whose calories were limited, they were given food in different schedules. Its effect was seen that the rats who were given a low-calorie diet for two hours or 12 hours at night, had the longest life.

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Takahashi says he hopes that the effects of limiting calories on the body’s internal clock with increasing age will enable scientists to find new ways to make humans healthier and longer. This work can be done through limited calorie food or medicine with similar effect.

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