Bhojshala Dispute: After Gyanvapi Masjid, now ‘Bhojshala’ controversy arose, know what is the whole matter


Bhojshala D ispute:

 It is being claimed about the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi that the mosque was built on top of the ancient Vishweshwara temple, for which the work of survey is going on in the mosque premises. The report of the survey will be presented before the court on May 17. At the same time, with this matter, now the matter of Bhojshala of Dhar district is also rising.


Hindus do puja on Tuesday and Muslims offer Namaz on Friday

All are paper- Muslim side

Petition filed in court

But now it is clear that Ayodhya, Kashi After that, Bhojshala is also part of the same chain of Hindu organizations which they have come out to correct by calling it a mistake of history. Experts say that lessons should be taken from the mistakes of history, but here the urge to rectify the mistakes of history is riding.

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