BJP furious over Rahul Gandhi’s kerosene statement, said- Congress has been sprinkling kerosene since 1984


BJP Counter On Rahul Gandhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, while participating in the Cambridge University Ideas for India program in London, attacked the BJP and the central government and said that the BJP has sprinkled kerosene across the country and a single spark can start a fire. BJP has become an attacker on this statement of Rahul. BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia has replied that Rahul Gandhi ji, Congress party sprinkles kerosene. The 1984 massacre, the leaders of the Congress party got the massacre done, it was the Congress leaders who poured that kerosene.


He further said that Rahul Gandhi ji goes to the seminar of Cambridge University in London and tarnishes the image of the country by going there. It has become a habit of Rahul Gandhi and Gandhi family that while hating Modi ji, they have started giving expressions against Mother India. A desperate Congress and its failed leader, Rahul Gandhi, whenever he goes to foreign soil, whether it is London, America, Singapore, his expressions show somewhere that today’s Congress party has been burning the country since 1984 till now. , is engaged in disturbing harmony. You can oppose BJP, it is a part of healthy politics. But if you say abusive words to our country, make baseless allegations, then not only BJP will strongly oppose it but the people of the country will also oppose it.


BJP on comparison with Pakistan
Gaurav Bhatia retorted on Rahul’s statement on Pakistan and said that in the second objectionable remark that Rahul Gandhi has made, he has said that there is a situation like Pakistan in India. Ever since India became independent, the government may have been of any party, but the rule of democracy remained in India and Pakistan is the country which has been a dictatorship for half the time in 75 years of independence.

Compare India with Pakistan
During this, Rahul has compared India with Pakistan, accusing the central government of misuse of institutions like CBI. Taking a jibe at the RSS, Rahul said that for them India is a golden bird and wants to divide its share on the basis of karma, in which there is no place for Dalits. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi attributed the defeat of Congress to polarization and media control of power. He said that the RSS has made its place among the people. Congress and opposition parties should also do the same and unite 60-70 per cent of the people who do not vote for them.

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