BJP targets Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, Congress retaliates


Rahul Gandhi Met Jeremy Corbyn: A round of accusations and counter-allegations has started in the BJP and Congress regarding the meeting of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi with Brita in’s Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday targeted Rahul Gandhi, saying how long and how much a person can go against his own country.


While Congress retaliated, the Prime Minister along with Corbyn Narendra Modi shared pictures of the meeting and asked whether this meeting means that the Prime Minister also supports Corbyn’s views on India? The main opposition party also said that the leaders of India have been meeting foreign leaders with different views in the past and will continue to meet them in future also.

BJP leaders shared Rahul’s photo
Union minister Kiren Rijiju and BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya shared a picture of Rahul Gandhi’s meeting with Corbyn, saying the former Congress president has met a British leader who advocates secession of Kashmir from India. .

PM Modi’s photo was also put on behalf of Congress
On this, Congress’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala shared the picture of the earlier meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Corbyn and said that if foreign leaders with different views are not to be met, then the government should make it clear about this. Let us tell you that in the picture shared by Rijiju and Malviya, Sam Pitroda, the chief of ‘Indian Overseas Congress’ is also seen along with Corbin and Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi is on a UK tour these days, where he also attended a dialogue session of Cambridge University on Monday.


Union Minister Kiren Rijiju tweeted
Rijiju tweeted, “Then… Rahul Gandhi met British MP and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is known for his hatred and dislike for India. He advocates the secession of Kashmir.” Targeting the Congress leader, he asked, “How long and for how much can a person go against his own country?” While BJP leader Malviya tweeted, ” Rahul Gandhi with British MP and Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn is known to have unlimited hatred for India, advocates the secession of Kashmir and is clearly anti-Hindu. Rahul Gandhi has finally found his foreign partner, who like him openly defames India.


Surjewala asked many questions
To this, Surjewala shared the picture of Modi and Corbin meeting and tweeted, “I want to ask my friends in the media to identify the two persons present in this picture. Can you ask them the same question? Does this meeting mean that the Prime Minister supports Corbyn’s views on India? See you Taking picture of Rahul Gandhi ji with a person is not a crime or an act of terrorism, whose opinion is different from ours.

Raised the issue of PM’s picture with Nirav Modi
Randeep Surjewala questioned that if this is the basis (for not meeting), then the question should be asked why did the Prime Minister posed for a picture with Nirav Modi in Davos? What about the video in which PM Modi can be seen calling Mehul Choksi ‘our Mehul Bhai’? Why did the Prime Minister meet Xi Jinping when China has occupied our territory? Surjewala also asked this question, “Why did the Prime Minister go to Pakistan and meet Nawaz Sharif? Will the government promise that there will be no meeting with anyone who has different views than us?

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