Booster dose can be given to these people before completing 9 months of second dose, NTAGI recommends


Coronavirus Vaccination: For the people going abroad, the central government can implement an important decision soon. According to sources, this decision is about the booster dose. According to sources, NTAGI has recommended that people going abroad can take a precautionary dose (precaution dose) or booster dose of Kovid vaccine before a gap of nine months as per the requirement of the destination country.


The sources further added that no recommendation has been made to narrow down the booster dose gap for everyone. Experts have a mixed opinion on whether to reduce the booster dose gap in India or not. According to official data, despite the Indian government’s permission for people above 18 years of age, fewer people have shown interest in taking the precaution dosage.


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According to Dr Rajeev Jayadevan, co-chair of the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) COVID-19 National Task Force, the longer the gap between the primary vaccination and the third dose against COVID-19 infection, the better the body’s immunity.

He said, we have seen that if the second dose given to the beneficiary was given very recently, then the third dose did not make any difference. Because the immunity will already be strong inside you. The delivery of booster doses to the population of 18+ through private immunization centers started on 10 April 2022. All those who are above 18 years of age and have completed 9 months after the second dose are eligible for Precaution dosage.

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