Cardamom Benefits: If you are fond of eating cardamom, then know its benefits


Cardamom or Elaichi Benefits: Cardamom is used almost every day as a mouth freshener and for fragrance in various dishes. So there is a lot of use of cardamom as a standing spice to enhance the taste of food. But do you know that cardamom used for aroma and taste, which is also called green cardamom and small cardamom. It is also beneficial for health in many ways?


If you are unaware of this, then today we tell you, that According to how eating cardamom can be beneficial for your health. Let us know about the benefits of cardamom.

cavities prevent
It is very common to have cavity in the teeth and bad breath. But this problem is as common as it appears, it gives the same problem. Cardamom can help you to get rid of this problem. This is because cardamom is able to kill bacteria in the mouth and prevent cavities.


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lowers blood pressure

Cardamom can also prove to be helpful in reducing blood pressure. The anti-oxidant and diuretic properties present in cardamom help in reducing blood pressure.


Cures digestive problems
In today’s lifestyle, it is very normal to have problems like indigestion, gas, acidity and constipation. Cardamom can also play a good role in removing this problem.

gives relief from infection
You can also take the help of cardamom to remove various types of fungal infections, food poisoning and stomach related problems due to change of season. This is because the essential oils and extracts present in cardamom can be effective in fighting against different types of bacteria.

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lowers blood sugar level
Cardamom is also helpful in reducing high blood pressure. A study on rats suggests that cardamom may help reduce high blood sugar levels.

Relieves vomiting, restlessness
Cardamom is used to maintain digestion as well as get relief from problems like restlessness, nausea and vomiting. It is also often used by mixing it with other medicinal spices.

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