CBI arrests Bhaskar Raman, close aide of Karti Chidambaram, in visa corruption case


Visa Corruption Case: A close aide of Karti Chidambaram, son of former Union Minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram has been arrested by the CBI. It has been told that this major arrest has been made in the case of visa corruption. The CBI late night arrested Bhaskar Raman, who is close to Karti Chidambaram. In the same case, the CBI had also raided Karti Chidambaram’s house and office.

Action in the matter related to China


According to the information, CBI arrested Chidambaram’s close friend from Chennai late night. Earlier, the CBI had raided Karti’s premises in connection with the making of visa by taking lakhs of rupees. The CBI was interrogating Karti’s close aide Bhaskar Raman regarding this matter, after which he has now been arrested. Karti Chidambaram and his associates are accused of taking bribes of lakhs of rupees for granting visas to citizens of China.


What is the whole matter?
In fact, the CBI has registered a new case against Lok Sabha member Karti Chidambaram in connection with the investigation into an 11-year-old allegation of helping a power company to grant visas to 263 Chinese nationals. Officials said that Karti is accused of getting visas for Chinese nationals in 2011 by taking a bribe of Rs 50 lakh. Karti’s father P Chidambaram was the Union Home Minister at that time. After registering the case, CBI conducted simultaneous raids at 10 locations in many cities of the country including Chidambaram’s house in Delhi and Chennai.


CBI officials said that on May 14, the agency had arrested Karti, his close aide S Bhaskar Raman, the then assistant vice-chairman of Talwandi Sabo power project Vikas Makharia (who allegedly paid the bribe), Talwandi Sabo Pvt Ltd (TSPL), Mumbai-based Bell. The raids were conducted after registering a case against Tools Limited (through which the bribe was allegedly delivered) under several sections.

Karti tweeted after the raid
Karti had tweeted about this soon after the CBI raids. In which he wrote, “Now I have forgotten to count how many times this has happened? Maybe it will be a record. He later tweeted further saying that his office had informed him about the raids. He said, “My office just updated the ‘record’, twice in 2015, once in 2017, twice in 2018 and today, six!”

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