Celebrity yoga expert Anushka Parwani’s yoga tips will help you in making abs, belly fat will be reduced


Yoga Aasan By Anushka Parwani : In this era of good looks, fashion and fitness are considered as part of a good lifestyle. The meaning of being fit is not limited to just health, but fitness is now being seen by connecting it with the figure. At the same time, the name of making abs is also included in this list of fitness. Although according to some people, making abs is a very difficult task. But how will it be if we tell you that perfect abs can be easily made sitting at home by trying just a few yoga asanas.


In fact, the purpose of building abs is not just to maintain fitness. Rather, it also strengthens the bones of your stomach. Usually where people are seen exercising in the gym for hours to make abs. While celebrity fitness trainer Anushka Parwani

By following these tips, you can easily make abs by including just three yoga steps in your daily routine.


Who is Anushka Parwani
Anushka Parwani’s name is counted in the list of Bollywood’s famous fitness trainer. Let us tell you that from Anushka Parwani, Alia Bhatt to Deepika Padukone, Ananya Pandey, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Rakul Preet Singh, she has been a trainer of many superstar heroines of B-town.

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Anushka’s fitness tips
Anushka Parwani, recently sharing a video on her Instagram account, has told three easy steps to make abs. According to Anushka, you can easily make abs by trying Boat Page or Naukasana, Forearm Plank and Crow Pose i.e. Bakasana for some time every day.

Benefits of building abs
If Anushka is to be believed, there are many benefits of making abs. Sharing the video on social media, Anushka says that, along with bringing the body in the best shape, abs exercises work to strengthen the core muscles of the abdomen. From climbing stairs to lifting things from the floor, the abdominal bone plays an important role. But, some people realize its importance after a stomach injury. Therefore, if you want, by following these yoga asanas, you can make the core muscles of the abdomen stronger than before.

time to do yoga
The video shared by Anushka mentions how to do all three yoga asanas – Boat Pose, Forearm Plank and Crow Pose – along with timing in the captions to strengthen abs. Anushka says that, to make abs, you can start these three yoga asanas for 15-20 seconds. On the other hand, after getting a good practice of these exercises in a few days, practice them for 3-3 minutes daily. With this, you will see the difference clearly in a few days.

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