Children’s appetite may decrease in teenage, know what is the reason



Hormonal changes happen in teenage children.
In adolescence, children shy away from eating.
There can be psychological reasons behind eating less food.

Why Children’s Appetite Less In Teenage There are many mental and physical changes in teenage children such as mood swings, hair growth, being alone or talking less etc. One such symptom that often bothers teenagers is loss of appetite. During this stage, the child goes through many types of pressure, due to which his interest in eating and drinking may decrease. Many times children start eating less food in order to maintain their weight by seeing others. In many cases, children also have to face many chronic health issues due to lack of proper nutrition in the body. Why the diet of children decreases in teenage, let us know about its reasons.


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being more stressed
At the age of eight to nine, the child goes through more stress. momjunction According to dot com, studies, learning disabilities, school problems, unhealthy home environment and conflicts between parents can cause stress on children at this age.

anxiety and depression
Some teenagers may also experience anxiety and depression. There can be a change in the pattern of hunger due to depression. In this situation, there is a high possibility of changes in children’s sleeping patterns, disinterest in going to school, not participating in activities or not talking with friends.

eating disorder
According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, two eating disorders named anorexia nervosa and bulimia increase in the body in teenage. These disorders can develop in children who have psychological thoughts like looking lean and being slim. This problem can be seen more in girls than in boys.

chronic health issues
Chronic health conditions Hormonal conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, asthma or Addison’s disease can cause loss of appetite in teenagers. Apart from this, allergy to a particular food item can also promote this problem.

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eating the wrong things
According to the World Health Organization, many children in teenage start consuming harmful and dangerous drugs, due to which the appetite of children can also decrease.
There are many physical, mental and social changes in teenage children. Due to these changes in the body, the appetite of children may be less than before. Contact the doctor if you see this type of problem in children.

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