‘Climate change a threat to world’s peace and security’ SIPRI report warns


SIPRI Warns Of A Global Emergency: Ahead of the important meeting of the Heads of State of the Quad Countries going to be held in Japan, a special report by global think tank, Sipri has come out in which climate change is a threat to the peace and security of the world. In the report, the whole world has been warned by linking the crisis looming on the environment with the security-environment of the world.

On Monday, the Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute ie SIPRI released a very important report ‘Environment of Peace–Security in a New Era of Risk’. The report said that the world’s global leaders have failed to prepare for a new era of complex and unpredictable threats to peace as the great environmental threat and the security-crisis come together very rapidly.

What does the report say?
Citing major events such as Somalia, Central-America and the Arab-Spring, the latest report by SIPRI said that the issues of environmental crisis such as climate change, mass-extinction and resource depletion are today’s dark deep security-horizon and the corona pandemic. Along with big events like This is the reason that change in the environment is also a threat to the peace and security of the world. These reports are based on environmental changes and peace-security conditions around the world between 2010-2020. The Ukraine-Russia war has not been included in the report for the time being.


What is the impact of environment?
The report describes in detail how climate change, poverty and weak government in African country Somalia are causing people to fall into the hands of the terrorist organization al-Shabaab. In the Sahel region of Africa itself, there is violence to increase drought and agricultural land. Violence and corruption are on the rise in Central America due to climate change. Due to this, people want to be deported to a very safe US. The report said that low grain yields due to heat in Russia and US biofuel policy increased bread prices in the Middle-East and North-Africa, leading to an Arab-Spring-like movement.


What has been commented on Kovid?
According to SIPRI, this report is not only a warning to the leaders of the world, as well as a five-point advice has also been given in the report for the policy-makers to deal with this double crisis. It has been said in the report that currently governments around the world spend 5-7 trillion dollars every year on degrading the natural environment. This includes destructive phishing, subsidies on fossil-fuel and deforestation.

Referring to unforeseen events like the corona epidemic in the report, it was said that in the time of the current global crisis, no government can do good to its citizens on its own. For this, international cooperation is very important and only mutual cooperation will benefit the world in the midst of extremely tense geo-politics and controversies. The report emphasizes on controlling global warming quickly.

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