Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) production started in Varanasi, Yogi government’s ‘private’ initiative


Compressed Biogas In Varanasi: Prime minister Narendra Modi The benefit of the special eyes of the Uttar Pradesh government is being seen on Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of Uttar Pradesh. To make Varanasi a world class city, the Yogi government is not only focusing on its furnishings and making it tourist-friendly, but is also bringing special schemes to make it pollution-free. In this episode, now a compressed biogas plant has been started in Shahanshahpur, Varanasi at a cost of 23 crores.


The CBG plant has been set up in a total of 7 acres of land. This plant will produce 3150 kg of CBG per day. Along with gas, liquid and solid fertilizers will also be produced in this. There is also a training center for farmers in the plant itself, in which farmers will be given training in organic farming.


Government’s view

In this scheme, 9000 quintals of cow dung will be purchased daily from the Gopalkas, which will increase the income of the farmers. More and more production of compressed bio gas in the country will benefit the environment. Also, the dependence on crude oil and gas imports will also be reduced.

Bio gas will be made from these substances

Compressed bio gas production has been started from cow dung, press mud (waste material from sugar factories) and Napier grass.

Organic manure will also be made

In the second phase of the project, organic manure will also be made from the waste of this plant. In this, solid and liquid organic manure will be made, which will be used for organic farming. Many types of other fertilizers will also be made from liquid and solid manure, which will be helpful in the production of different crops.

Adani Total Gas Limited will run the plant

Vikramaditya Shinde, deputy manager of Adani Total Gas Limited, which operates the plant, said that compressed biogas is much cheaper than LPG. It will be much cheaper to run any industrial unit using 500 to 600 kg of LPG per day on CBG. Such units will save about 5% in fuel. In this plant, 55 thousand liters of liquid manure and 18 thousand kg of solid organic manure will be produced.

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