Congress can give 50 percent representation to these leaders below 50 years of age


Congress Chintin Shivir: Congress can implement the system of giving 50 percent representation to people below 50 years of age from its local level committee to the working committee. The party is also discussing the guarantee of employment for the youth and says that schemes can be implemented in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh under its rule, which are being discussed in the Chintan Shivir.

According to party general secretary Ajay Maken, the proposal to give 50 percent representation to the youth will be discussed in the Chintin Shivir. He told reporters that from the local committee to the Congress Working Committee, 50 percent seats in every committee in the organization have also been proposed to be given to people below 50 years of age.


What is 50 below 50 formula?


Congress spokesperson Ragini Nayak said that there is every possibility that the ’50 billo 50 formula’ (50 percent representation to people below 50 years) may be implemented. He said that from the Block Committee to the Congress Working Committee, the idea of ??giving 50 percent representation to the people below the age of 50 years has come. It is possible that the 50 below 50 formula is implemented.

Congress can go ahead with the right to employment

In response to a question, he said that less than 50 years also means that a leader of 45 years can get a place, a youth of 40 years can also get a place. Referring to the right to employment, party spokesperson Alka Lamba said that it has come under discussion, whatever is being talked about is becoming legal. Right to information came, right to food came, right to education came. It is an attempt that the Congress, as a strong opposition, can force the (central) government to implement it in the next two years.

Can discuss the issue related to youth

He said that it is the effort of the Congress that in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh where there are Congress-led governments, an example should be set by implementing all the things included in the discussion so that they can be implemented in the BJP ruled states. Alka Lamba told that the Congress In the Chintan Shivir, there will be a discussion on the issues related to the youth for 12 hours 30 minutes. Rajya Sabha member JB Mather said that the government is pursuing the National Education Policy with a communal agenda and tampering with history.

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