Congress in do or die situation, these big changes can happen, read – Blue print of Chintan Shivir


Congress Chintan Shivir 2022: In Udaipur Chintan Shivir, the entire focus of the Congress will be on the change in the organization and on making an action plan for the next Lok Sabha elections. Along with this, the Congress will try to give an alternative by clarifying its point of view on the important issues of the country. According to a senior party leader engaged in the strategy of the camp, decisions will be taken on major changes in the Udaipur resolution, the effect of which will be visible from the next day, although there will be no discussion about the party president in Udaipur.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi will go by train to attend Udaipur Chintan Shivir. With him, about 60 Congress leaders will also travel from Delhi to Udaipur by Chetak Express. On May 13, at 2 pm, Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s speech will start the Chintan Shivir in which 430 delegates will participate.

What is the program of contemplation camp?
From the evening of 13 to the evening of 14, there will be a round of discussions in different groups on various issues. The proposal which will be prepared after brainstorming will be stamped by CWC on the morning of 15 May. In the afternoon, there will be a speech by Rahul Gandhi and then after the concluding speech of the party president, the resolutions of the party Chintan Shivir will be announced.


Which issues will be discussed?
According to sources, under the political proposal in the Congress Chintan Shivir, the atmosphere of polarization in the country, national security, centre-state relations, issues of Jammu and Kashmir and Northeast as well as the alliance will be discussed. Under the economic proposal, topics like inflation, economic slowdown and privatization will be discussed. The committee formed on the issue of farmers will discuss the new national education policy on the issue of MSP, loan waiver and youth. Apart from this, while the government’s policies will be discussed on the issue of social justice, there will be talk on ensuring the representation of backward and weaker sections in the party organization.


What changes will happen in the organization?
The most important thing is to discuss major changes in the organization. Under this, proposals like activating the party’s parliamentary board, one family – one ticket, one person – one post, a general secretary for the responsibility of election management, cooling off period for big posts will be discussed.

Will there be an exercise in the Chintan Shivir to help the disgruntled leaders?
Congress President Sonia Gandhi had formed a committee of senior leaders some time ago on these six different issues, in which leaders considered dissatisfied like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Manish Tewari, Bhupendra Singh Hooda, Akhilesh Singh etc. were given prominent place.

Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal, who advised the Gandhi family to leave the party leadership after the consecutive defeat in the elections, has also been invited to attend the Chintan Shivir. According to sources, except Sandeep Dikshit, among the prominent leaders of “G-23” of Congress, almost everyone has been invited to Udaipur.

A total of 430 delegates attending the Chintan Shivir include all members of CWC, MPs, former Union Ministers, State President, Legislature Party leaders, National Secretaries along with all national office bearers of Youth Congress, NSUI, Mahila Congress. About 50 such leaders have also been invited by the Congress President who are not in any position. These include youth leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar.

Will there be a discussion about the party president too?
Congress sources say that the process of organization election is going on and the next president is to be elected in August. In such a situation, there will be no discussion about the next president in the Chitan camp. However, Congress leaders across the country can demand that Rahul Gandhi be made the president again. It is not yet clear whether Rahul Gandhi will become the party president again or not, although according to sources, in the Congress Working Committee meeting held in March, Rahul Gandhi had said on the request of the party leaders that he was seriously considering it.

What has been the history of contemplation camps?
Udaipur Chintan Shivir is the fourth Chintan Shivir of Congress. Earlier, Chintan Shivir was organized at Panchmani in 1998, Shimla in 2003 and Jaipur in 2013. In Panchmani, the Congress gave the slogan of ‘Ekla Chalo’ but five years later announced an alliance with like-minded parties in Shimla.

Rahul Gandhi was made the Vice President in Jaipur Chintan Shivir. Action plan of Congress for 2024 Lok Sabha elections will be prepared in Udaipur Chintan Shivir. The position of Congress is very weak. Congress has chief ministers in only two states. Even during the Shimla camp 19 years ago, the party was out of power at the Centre, yet it had about 15 chief ministers in the states. Obviously it is a do or die situation for the Congress.

Congress sources believe that the party is in an unprecedented crisis. It has its own government in only two states and has less than a hundred MPs in the Lok Sabha-Rajya Sabha. Apart from the BJP, the Congress also faces a challenge from smaller parties like Aam Aadmi Party and TMC. Obviously, without major changes, the party will not be able to transform. According to a big leader, the party is very serious about implementing the decisions being taken in Udaipur Chintan Shivir at the earliest.

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