Conspiracy to blow up woman and daughter with detonator blast in live-in case, 2 arrested


Surat News: In Mindabari village of Vansada tehsil of Navsari district of Surat, on Tuesday, a groom got blasted as soon as he opened the gift received at his wedding. The groom and his 3-year-old nephew were seriously injured due to the blast, who have been admitted to a private hospital in Navsari for treatment. The blast case was informed to the Vansda police from the gift received at the wedding.  When the police investigation progressed, a big disclosure was made and the police has arrested two people in this case.


Rajesh Patel is already married, his wife is Ranjana Ben. There are also two children in which there is a 7 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. There was a rift between Rajesh Patel and Jagriti Ben and Rajesh Patel wanted to get rid of Jagriti Ben by any means. While the younger brother Dilip Bhai Patel was married in the house of the arrested accused Rajesh Patel, then Jagriti Ben’s younger sister Salma, who was in a live-in relationship with him, was also married.

Rajesh Patel made a plan

exploded as soon as I opened the gift

Salma’s husband Latesh went home and opened the gift received at the wedding, it exploded. Due to which Salma’s husband Latesh lost his hand and his face was also injured. Latesh’s three-year-old nephew Gian was also present when the teddybear gift was opened, who also suffered a serious injury. 

Rajesh Patel’s acquaintance Mahesh Bhai Patel supported

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