Court seeks answers from all parties in Mathura Janmabhoomi case, next hearing may be held in July


Mathura Janmabhoomi Case: Hearing in the Mathura Janmabhoomi case was held in the civil court today. After which the court has directed all the parties in this case to file an early reply on the petition. The court has made it clear that the next hearing will take place only after filing the answers of all the parties. All the parties have been told to send a copy of the petition. After which it is now believed that the next hearing of the case can be held in the first week of July.


The lawyer for the Hindu side told what is the demand


On the Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi case, the lawyer for the Hindu side said that, we put our claim in the court. After which the court agreed that the matter would be heard further. All the petitioners have been directed to file their replies immediately. We want this issue to be resolved as soon as possible. No matter what the decision comes. There are total four defendants in this case. He said that Thakur ji’s property Eid
It was wrong to give it to Gah. The agreement reached was not right. Whatever illegal construction is in that complex, action should be taken against it. If a mosque also comes in it, it will also be removed.

The lawyer for the Hindu side said that no one has the right to give away the property of Thakur ji. Regarding the Places of Worship Act, he said that, we are challenging the illegal agreement. The ownership of the property is ours. We have not challenged any temple-mosque or religious place.

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