Crane drivers came as angels in Mundka fire, saved more than 50 women


Mundka Fire: A massive fire broke out in a building just near Delhi’s Mundka metro station, killing 27 people while several people were seriously injured. The incident happened on Friday around 4 pm. A video of the time of the incident has surfaced in which a crane was seen continuously helping people.

The team of ABP News spoke to the crane drivers. Crane drivers Anil Tiwari and Dayanand Tiwari told that both have been working as cranes for 25 years. According to both, when they were passing through the area at 4 pm, they saw smoke coming out of the building in front. After that the crane drivers broke the divider with the help of crane and reached the other side of the road where the building was on fire.


More than 50 people were rescued with the help of crane – Crane Driver

Reaching near the building, he saw that people were constantly shouting for help. Some smoke is coming out from the roof of the second floor. At the same time, flames of fire were visible in the first floor. After that, with the help of a crane, he broke the glass of the second floor and started trying to bring people out. Among the people trapped inside were more women, who were tried to bring them down with the help of cranes. In this rescue operation that lasted for one and a half hours, more than 50 women were rescued with the help of a crane.


It was not possible to save more people from the crane – Crane Driver

At the same time, when the flames increased further, the crane drivers left because after that it was not possible to help the people with the crane. The flames of fire started spreading far and wide. According to the crane driver and eyewitnesses, till that time no fire engine had reached there. Although the police administration had reached. Crane owner Sudhir Kumar says that we were told to save people as long as possible.

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